Travian Tournament: The finals are here!

The qualification round of the Travian Tournament is over – the best of the best Travian players have been found and will soon enter the finals. We are preparing a fresh map for our brave generals so that the finals can get underway on 16th November.

The winners of our wildcard raffle and our successful players from the qualification round should already have received an email by now, where they will have the option to sign up for the final round. You have until the 24th to sign up but don’t forget it!

All information can of course be found on our tournament page.

The server for the final round will have the same attributes as the qualification round:

  • 2x speed server
  • 3 days of beginner’s protection
  • “Invite a friend” is deactivated on tournament servers
  • Gold transfers from the tournament servers to other servers are deactivated / Gold transfers to the tournament servers are deactivated

The new features of “troop forwarding” and “troop merging” will not be activated.

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