Travian: Legends Equipment Contest

The end of the year is near and it’s time to start planning the next one! In 2017, we are going to update our Travian Store. What if you could propose your very own Travian themed merchandise and let us create it? With our Travian: Legends Equipment Contest, you can!

We’re challenging you to think of an item you would like to use in the real world to present Travian in style. From figures over accessories to apparels – the item is up to you. However, please keep in mind that our vigorous warriors refuse to ride unicorns to battle!

Starting today, you’ll have until December 1st to submit your entries via email ( or as a comment below this blog post. The more detailed your suggestion, the more likely it is to be chosen.

The player who provides the winning idea, as judged by the Travian team, will have their item exclusively produced and receive it before it is available for sale.

So, flex your creativity and show the world that Travian Legends is your game! We are looking forward to your submissions. Good luck!

The Travian Team

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  1. A T-Shirt with Travian will be cool .. At my university we have t-shirts with the logo and a lot of people can see us !

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