“Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Round-Up

The end of RoA draws near
The curtain on Travian: Rise of Alliances will soon close. We have launched a server for each language and we’d like to thank all the participants for joining and giving us plenty to cheer about.

You can still join in
There are still a few servers you can play on, so make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s anniversary special!

Check out this list of key features below to get an idea of what’s so special about Rise of Alliances:

  • Classic Travian feeling: No items, no auctions, no silver and no Alchemist’s Cauldron.
  • Alliance bonuses:Contribute resources to your alliance and benefit from unique bonuses.
  • Boosted start:Jump right into the action with level 10 resource fields and two villages to settle immediately.


Sign up now; it’s your last chance!

Thanks also for your feedback. We’ve learned that you enjoyed the “classic” features and the alliance bonuses, but also that you found the server speed too slow and that you experienced difficulties in determining which region opens what on the map (especially over water).
You have also asked for a decent FAQ, a mini-map with highlighted regions, a better distribution of areas and a more expansive list of alliance contributors.

We are taking this feedback to the heart and will work on improving the features. So look forward to next year’s anniversary special!

Regular Travian: Legends servers starting next week
We’ll go back to our regular schedule for Travian: Legends servers next week. So keep an eye on our Facebook channels where we’ll share the server start dates for the upcoming week each Friday!
The Travian Team

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