Travian: Rise of Alliances – Hero Adventures Wrap-Up II

Welcome to the second part of our Hero Adventures’ Wrap Up! Today we’ll get down to the numbers. But before we do so, let’s take a look at Day 5, 6 and 7.

Missed Wrap Up part I? You can read it here.

Day 5. Crazy village
Soon you arrive to the Gaul village that is close to the final point of your journey.

As you may know Gauls are known as hospitable but also cunning people, that’s why they never answer the question directly.
While you are sitting at the table with your new acquaintances, you ask Gler how many prisoners he has got in his traps.
– Oh, that’s simple! – he replies – If you add half of the prisoners to the number of people that are in my traps already and then add another 10 prisoners, you’ll get exactly how many traps a trapper of the 7th level can build.
Three other Gauls, who are sitting next to you – Sulla, Fabius and Titus, immediately chopped in with their remarks.
– Hah! That is nothing to be proud of! – said Sulla – I have more prisoners than you do!
– If we put together our prisoners, then we’ll get the same number as both you and Gler have in your traps! – Fabius and Titus jumped right into the middle of the discussion.
– But if you count together my prisoners and Titus’s, then Fabius and Sulla will have less people in their traps then we do! – and Gler stared at the others with a triumphal look on his face.

1) How many prisoners does Gler have in his traps?
2) Put the names Gler, Titus, Fabius and Sulla in descending order according to the number of the prisoners they have in their traps.

1) Trapper 7th level can build max 97 traps.
So, (97 – 10) = 87/1.5 = 58.
Gler has 58 prisoners.
2) Titus has the most prisoners, then Sulla, then Gler and the last one is Fabius.

Day 6. The city gates
Soon you’ve come to the final point of your journey. You’re about to save your friend settler, but first you have to enter the city.
When you approach, you see the soldiers who are very confused with the task their king has given them. They share their problem with you.


– We need to put those busts on the correct tiles, but we mixed them up.
– If you help us, we’ll let you enter the city gates.

Here are 5 facts about 5 emperors:
1. After years of civil war in Rome, his rule was a time of peace called the Pax Romana (Roman peace). He established a standing Roman army, a network of roads, and rebuilt much of the city of Rome. He also exiled Ovid, a poet who wrote the “Art of Love,” because he believed it was indecent.

2. He wandered the palace throughout the night instead of sleeping, flew into public rages, and spoke to the moon and to Jupiter as if they were in confidence. He made his horse a senator, building it a stable of marble and inviting people to have dinner with the horse.

3. He murdered his own mother, his first wife and allegedly, his second wife. In addition, ancient writers claim that he started the great fire of Rome so that he could re-build the city center.

4. The Roman emperor was the first non-Italian emperor. He expanded Rome’s territory to its farthest limits, and his designation as optimus princeps, “the best of princes”, attests to his reputation. Was also responsible for the foundation of public schools for the education and maintenance of poor children in various parts of Italy.

5. He was obsessed with gladiatorial combat. He performed personally in hundreds of games, often appearing both in and out of the stadium in the guise of Hercules. Also liked to play as a doctor, performing surgeries on healthy people, and wear women’s clothes.

1) Name the emperors in the picture displayed (from left to right).
2) Match the facts with those emperors.


Day 7 The Gaul Treasure
When you finally walk through the city gates the streets are empty and only the roar of the crowd can be heard from a distance. You hurry in that direction, fearing that it might be late and the settler has already been killed. When you finally come to the arena, you see, that the Gaul settler was actually inside, and the fight had been lost. A huge heavy armored gladiator who is wearing a helmet with a stylized fish on the crest is about to put his gladius into the settler’s chest, only waiting for the sign from the ruler of this province.
– Stop! Please, don’t kill him! – you cried in despair
– We’ll do whatever you want in exchange for his life. He’s a peaceful settler, his death wouldn’t bring you the glory.
The ruler gives you a long look and finally replies:
– Ok. I think you might be helpful and I set him free if you bring me what I need. Some time ago my scouts found a scroll on an ancient language which only few people can read. I sent it to my friend and he promised to translate it. Find him and bring me that scroll, and you’ll be rewarded. If not, your friend will be killed.
– How do we find him? – you look at him with hope.
– He used to be a gladiator and fought in the same clothes and with the same armor which you now see in the arena – the ruler points towards a huge gladiator who is about to kill the settler.
– He takes his name after this gladiator’s type. His main village is named after one of the greatest Gaul kings, who united Gauls to fight against Romans, and basicly means “king of great warriors”. Find him and he’ll give you the final task.

1) Find that person on the RoA Travian map, give us his name.
2) Solve the task written in his profile.

Person on RoA map is Murmillo. Only those gladiators had stilized fish on their crests.

1) The gold of Tolosa
2) (-187|-36) These are coordinates of Tolosa on RoA map which one could figure out from the description.

What a journey! We hope you enjoyed solving it as much as we did preparing it.

Hero Adventures by the numbers
We were overwhelmed by the number of participants, trying to solve all the puzzles.
– 80,315 of you watched the dedicated contest threads,
– 6,747 players answered the tasks,
– 2,698 players took part in the contest,
– 2,264 new players signed up for the forums.

Your feedback
We’ve received so much positive feedback about the contest and like to share a few highlights from the community:

“Amazing contest…
Hats off to your efforts for making these tasks…
It requires great patience and vast knowledge including research in history to form such a quiz and hints.
We really enjoyed solving all puzzles..”

– Ronak (COM)

“I really appreciated this game. It would be great to have something like this every once in a while.
It’s interesting to look into historical stuff and/or legends concerning the tribes we’re playing with here.
So those were the parts I appreciated the most, rather than mathematical or logical exercises.
Because one can learn a great deal simply by searching for the answer for those questions.
Thanks for the organizers and keep it up.”

– Sattt77 (COM)

“Congratulations and thank you very much for the riddle game. It’s a really good idea and well done. It was funny and exciting to participate. Would be great if you will start more competitions like this.”
– XiX (DE)

“Thank you for this little game of one week. It was very nice.
I hope it will bring lasting new people in the community.
A great initiative, we want more. Bravo!”

– Diane (FR)

“Thank every one for this game. It was very nice week. I spended it each day waiting for the next game.
Please give us new games. We are waiting.”

– PrinceOfPersia (AE)

Thank you!
We’d like to thank you again for your participation and feedback. We enjoyed organizing the contest and reading all the answers. We are looking forward to the next contest!

– The Travian Team

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