Travian: Rise of Alliances – Hero Adventures Wrap-Up I

Usually, we ask you to prove yourselves on the battlefield. But for our anniversary special Travian: Rise of Alliances, we also want to put your logical skills to the test. Today, we present you the first wrap-up of the contest.

Contest: Hero Adventures
From October 3rd to October 9th, we launched worldwide contest called “Hero Adventures” where we posted one task per day and you had 24 hours to solve it. From a cipher, logical tasks, and game questions to quizzes about the histories of Travian’s tribes, our contest held many challenges for you to overcome.
5 random players, who have been chosen among those who gave the correct answers, received a small prize – 30 gold. 5 players, who’ve solved all 7 tasks of the series got 150 gold each!

Day 1 “A message”
It is early morning when you wake up. You usually wake up early to give building orders to your village workers and gather crop, when you suddenly notice a fight which takes place just near the village gates.
A group of robbers attacks a well-dressed guy, who seems to be a king envoy.
The fight is uneven and you hurry to help the guy.

As soon as the robbers see you, they flee the scene and you take the unconscious messenger to your village. Suddenly you notice a scroll which was hidden in his bag.
“This may be urgent” – you calm down your conscience, while opening the scroll.
However, when you open it, you see something utterly strange:

Ave, Caesar! = Bwf, Dbftbs!
uif sfhjpo jt tfdvsf
tfoe uif tfuumfst

That was the end of the message.

Decipher the message.

Here we use a so called Caesar cipher. We just shift the alphabet by one letter. So A = B, B = C etc. If we shift them back, we’ll get the following message:

Ave, Caesar!
The region is secure
send the settlers

Day 2 “Company”
The next day when you walk out of your house you saw a small cart carrying a woman and her daughter which had a big brown stallion pulling it forward.
The woman is hastily packing traveler bags and is about to sit on the cart.

– Hey, you! Yes, you! Seems that I’ve just read about you in the message I’ve received earlier!
– Your good mood starts to vanish when you see a desperate look on the woman’s face.
The blond woman is already sitting on the cart and silently waits. When finally she begins to speak.
– We’re in deep trouble – says the woman, trying not to look at her daughter.
– We were traveling to see the great Apollo oracle when yesterday my husband was captured and sold as a slave.
In 6 days he is going to fight in the arena in our capital city…

But he is no fighter! The messenger was our only hope that our lord will be able to intervene and buy him out. But you saw what happened… We are travelling to the city to try and save him but it will take a long time to get there. We need to hurry!

When she says these words, the cart slowly starts moving towards the village gates, leaving you behind.

– Wait! I’ll come with you! – you suddenly have made your decision.
– There is a shorter way to the city. It’s more dangerous than the usual road, but if we are lucky enough we’ll be able to arrive there just in time to save your husband.
And we’ll have time to think about how we can exactly do that.
You quickly jump into the cart.

Answer the following questions:
1) Which tribe do your new acquaintances belong to?
2) What speed are they able to travel?
3) To what city where they traveling originally to?

1) They are Romans, because they are the only settlers pictured as blond on answers
2) As we found out, they are settlers, so, they travel 5 fields per hour.
3) They were traveling to Delphi, where the Apollo oracle was located

Day 3 “A forest”
It is almost night when you and your two fellow travelers arrive at a very thick forest.

You are gathered on the edge of a small clearing preparing a meal and taking a small break.

– It looks really dangerous.
– Maybe we’d rather look for another way? – says the girl.
– The other way around will take much longer, and we need to be in the capital within the next 5 days.
– Otherwise your father will be killed. – the mother replied.

The girl nods and sits closer to her mother.

Suddenly you notice something:

– Hmm, there is something written on that stone… Interesting…
When you come closer, you see what it is:

This forest guards the one, whose name should not be here,
And you will have to meet him, there’s no other way.
But! If you show your wit, your logic and your wisdom,
You’ll go through the thick and be completely safe.

Then there was some sort of a cipher:


– That’s quite simple, now at least we know who’ll be waiting us on our way. But how can we show our wit and logic? What needs to be done? You are still thinking about the puzzle when your 2 companions share 3 equal parts of their food. One had 5 pieces of bread, the other had only 3.

You had nothing at all except some money which was pretty useless in this deserted part of the land.

– Wit and logic. Ok, I know how we can prove that! – And you give your 2 fellow travelers 8 coins.
– This is for my share of the food which you’ve given me.

Share these coins the right way between the two of you and we’ll have nothing to be afraid of in that forest!

1) Who’s waiting our heroes at the end of the path? Which words can be found in the cipher?
2) How many coins should each settler get so that it would be fair and logical?


Since only the bear is an animal and all others are trees, that’s the one who’s waiting for them in the forest.

The second task is:

Settlers share their bread between 3 persons equally, each received 2 and 2/3 of bread.
So, the settler who had 5 loaves of bread gave 2 to our hero and 1/3 parts.
The other with 3 loaves gave 1/3 out of 3.

Let’s say that 1/3 part of bread should cost 1 coin.
So, the first one should receive 7 coins, the other – 1 coin.

Day 4 “A strange place”
You and your friends arrive to a little village just as the sun is shining its last rays of sun over the horizon. You look for a place to sleep but the innkeeper says he only has 2 rooms left and they were already reserved for some traveler that hasn’t arrived yet.

The woman and child are exhausted after the long trip and you know they need to sleep, at least tonight, under a roof and on a comfortable ( if you can call the thin straw mattress that is normally used at those inns comfortable) bed.

You bargain with the inn keeper and after much conversation he tells you that if you solve his favorite riddle he will rent you the 2 rooms.

He looks at you and says:

Three friends – Marcus, Brutus and Titus – are famous merchants. Each sells separate goods on the market (though they don’t sell crop). They belong to 3 different tribes: Roman, Gaul and Teuton.
Marcus is not Roman, Brutus is not Gaul. Roman doesn’t trade lumber, Gaul trades iron. Brutus doesn’t trade clay.

To which tribe does Titus belong and which resource does he trade?
After some deep thinking you resolved the riddle correctly. You and your companions had a comfortable night and can continue your journey.

Titus is Roman and trades Clay.

Stay tuned for part 2 which covers Day 5 to 7! Which task did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

– The Travian Team

Travian: Rise of Alliances – “Будни героя” Обзор I

Обычно мы просим вас проявить себя на полях сражений. Но для нашего особого ежегодного сервера, Travian: Rise of Alliances, мы приглашаем вас проверить себя на полях логики и эрудиции. Сегодня мы представим вам первые итоги конкурса. (more…)

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