We are back with one more feature for our anniversary special, Rise of Alliances, and this one could be a biggie for those hardcore Travian strategists among you:

The special will not include any adventures. This means you do not have to invest any time to send your hero out in the world. It also erases an element of chance – and no strategist trusts chance.

Of course, no adventures means no items, no auctions and no silver in Rise of Alliances. This will lead to a special that is highly focused on the core elements of Travian, feeling a lot like earlier versions. That’s right, we’re talking about T 3.6 – Rise of Alliances will truly feel like going back to roots. Check out the video if you want to find out more.

Let’s sum things up: Rise of Alliances brings back old-school Travian game mechanics and includes a faster-paced early game as well as changes to balancing. Not to mention there are the new alliance bonuses. Sounds like we should all be very excited for September, when we finally get to play Rise of Alliances!


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На нашем особом сервере в честь дня рождения, Rise of Alliances, будет представлена еще одна функция, которая может стать решающей для истинных стратегов Travian: Continue reading… “Rise of Alliances — Представление функций. Часть 4: Возвращение классической стратегии”