Rise of Alliances – Feature Presentation Vol. 3: Early Game Kickstart

If you are a seasoned Travian player, those first few moves when starting on a new server might have been ingrained into your very heart. If this is the case, you might want to join our anniversary special, Rise of Alliances, because this game is going to be quite different.

We’ve already explained how balancing will differ from your normal Travian: Legends game and how you might benefit from alliance bonuses. Today we reveal just how radical the early-game changes are:

All your resource fields will start at level 10, speeding up the early game in a way you have never seen before. Instead of longing for more resources, you will have to quickly find a way to spend your huge income. Just take a minute to consider what this will mean for your farming tactics: this time around, your targets will have lots of surplus resources that will be hard to hide or defend.

With six settlers right off the bat and enough culture points for three villages, you will have plenty of things to do in the early game. You will not only need a great strategy for the mid and late game, but also strong tactics and reaction times early on in order to secure any chance of competing in the later stages of the game at all.

Are you already wondering what you will build with all of those resources? How you will defend them and where you will settle? Maybe you might invest your resources in the alliance bonuses or quickly build a huge army. The choice is yours!

Next time, we’ll let you know about a very new, but very old feature. Did someone say T. 3.6? We’re not sure, but it kind of sounded like it.

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