Upcoming anniversary special “Travian: Rise of Alliances”

Travian: Legends is celebrating its 12th birthday and you are warmly invited! Following tradition, Travian’s game designers have prepared another awe-inspiring annual special for the fall. You really shouldn’t miss out on it!

Back to our roots
“Travian: Rise of Alliances” takes you back to ancient Europe and your objective is to conquer regions in order to lead your alliance to victory. Besides fans of the ancient world, “Travian: Rise of Alliances” is also dedicated to our veteran players who miss the good, old times: this anniversary special is more reminiscent of the classic T3.6 than ever before!

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and social networks!
We cannot reveal all the details just yet but we will keep you posted about news and announcements on our official blog.

The following video will give you an idea of what to expect:


But that’s not all! Brace yourselves for lots of surprises. You can also get all the latest details and news on our Facebook and Twitter channels. Make sure to stop by as we’ll be preparing some events and contests that will help pass the time until Travian: Rise of Alliances launches in September!

See you very soon!
Your Travian Team 🙂


5 thoughts on “Upcoming anniversary special “Travian: Rise of Alliances”

    1. Heyho Indi,

      it is based on Scattered Empire but takes you back to ancient Europe. That doesn’t mean it takes you back to the game-version “Ancient Europe” but to Europe back in the old days.

      Hope this helps you 😉

  1. How about just revive the original t3.6 or 2.5 ? Just simple travian back. 1 server and then I can forget this game.

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