Travian summer party 2016

Mild summer nights, relaxing at the beach by the camp fire. How boring is that? Anyone can do it. Travian came up with something special for this year’s summer party.

It all began shortly after noon at 1 pm. The employees of the whole company, including those of the subsidiaries from Cologne and Hamburg, boarded buses and drove to the lake Chiemsee, where they partied at the beach. Then an unusual race was run, and three teams formed to take part.

The first task was to build a raft. Wooden boards, rubber tires and ropes were provided and the contestants had to construct a solid, floating piece of transport. This wasn’t quite as easy, since we got unlucky with the weather. Drizzle often complicated construction. Once the first team finished their raft, they launched it into the water. The other two teams completed their rafts shortly after and they all maneuvered their rafts and crew to the starting point. They fought and paddled, even before the race started. When it did, the rafts floated head-to-head in the water, before the team from Cologne crossed the finish line first.

The winners received gold medals and pink circlets.

When the BBQ was fired up afterwards, everyone was happy. It was a great party with beer, Schnitzel, lots of laughter and fun jokes.

As it got dark, people gathered around the camp fire and continued chatting, before the buses eventually brought everyone back home in time for the weekend.

I’m already looking forward to what amazing things they have planned for our Christmas party!

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