Last week we announced the upcoming birthday special Travian: Rise of Alliances. Today, we’d like to introduce its core features. We received a lot of positive feedback for last year’s annual special Travian: Scattered Empire, so we want to build on that. We kept the features you liked most and got rid of the most unpopular ones:

No alchemist’s cauldron
The feedback about the alchemist’s cauldron was mostly negative: the cauldron gave too great an advantage to gold users and it’s pretty much down to luck what players can gain from using it. That’s why the alchemist’s cauldron is out of action in Travian: Rise of Alliances.

Action from the beginning through to the end
In the beginning you will find yourselves on an ancient, original map of Europe. You can only settle in the central regions, which can be conquered over the course of the round, allowing you to then settle in adjacent regions. All of this makes the game more action-packed and dynamic as the central regions are crowded with players and the race for population starts right away!

Conquering regions & endgame
Conquering regions not only grants you the right to settle in nearby regions, but also gives you access to mighty artifacts that can be used by each and every alliance member and help you gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Additionally, regions generate victory points that eventually determine the winner. Say goodbye to Wonders of the World, building plans and artifact villages!

Relocating & forwarding troops
The option to relocate and forward troops was first introduced in Scattered Empire and the feedback about these two features was overwhelmingly positive. That’s why we decided to include them in Travian: Rise of Alliances!

Relocation allows you to selectively move soldiers from one village in your account to another one by sending all or parts of your army as a “reinforcement” and then incorporating them into said village. Troop forwarding allows you to forward your army to villages within your alliance.

Check out our article about Travian: Scattered Empire to learn more about the above-mentioned features. Are you wondering what’s new in Rise of Alliances? No worries, we’ve got you covered and will be introducing all the new features in a separate blog post!

You can also find all the announcements and updates on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to stop by as we’ll be preparing some events and contests to make the wait until the launch of Travian: Rise of Alliances in September more bearable for you.

Your Travian Team