“Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Core Features

Last week we announced the upcoming birthday special Travian: Rise of Alliances. Today, we’d like to introduce its core features. We received a lot of positive feedback for last year’s annual special Travian: Scattered Empire, so we want to build on that. We kept the features you liked most and got rid of the most unpopular ones:

No alchemist’s cauldron
The feedback about the alchemist’s cauldron was mostly negative: the cauldron gave too great an advantage to gold users and it’s pretty much down to luck what players can gain from using it. That’s why the alchemist’s cauldron is out of action in Travian: Rise of Alliances.

Action from the beginning through to the end
In the beginning you will find yourselves on an ancient, original map of Europe. You can only settle in the central regions, which can be conquered over the course of the round, allowing you to then settle in adjacent regions. All of this makes the game more action-packed and dynamic as the central regions are crowded with players and the race for population starts right away!

Conquering regions & endgame
Conquering regions not only grants you the right to settle in nearby regions, but also gives you access to mighty artifacts that can be used by each and every alliance member and help you gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Additionally, regions generate victory points that eventually determine the winner. Say goodbye to Wonders of the World, building plans and artifact villages!

Relocating & forwarding troops
The option to relocate and forward troops was first introduced in Scattered Empire and the feedback about these two features was overwhelmingly positive. That’s why we decided to include them in Travian: Rise of Alliances!

Relocation allows you to selectively move soldiers from one village in your account to another one by sending all or parts of your army as a “reinforcement” and then incorporating them into said village. Troop forwarding allows you to forward your army to villages within your alliance.

Check out our article about Travian: Scattered Empire to learn more about the above-mentioned features. Are you wondering what’s new in Rise of Alliances? No worries, we’ve got you covered and will be introducing all the new features in a separate blog post!

You can also find all the announcements and updates on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to stop by as we’ll be preparing some events and contests to make the wait until the launch of Travian: Rise of Alliances in September more bearable for you.

Your Travian Team


11 thoughts on ““Travian: Rise of Alliances” – Core Features

    1. Hello ELE,

      there is already a PTR-Server online. The other Server will launch at September the 5th.

      May this will help you 😉


      1. Hi Anny,

        On which domains you will start servers? Can we also please have rules announced clearly?

        German domain announced the server without option to merge catas and. ru domain announced without this exception. Also, we were told that there is new pushing rules. Please explain these.


        1. Hi,
          each domain will get its own RoA Server. We are right now testing different settings on the public test realm and come back with more information shortly.

          Regarding the pushing protection: Players can only send 20% of their resource production per village to other players 🙂


          1. May I ask what is the reason for new pushing rules? Why is it done per village? Why there is no difference between smaller and larger players? Any restrictions for sitters? How raiding of a village effects whole account? Does contribution to the alliance bonus has any effect on limits? 20% per what? 1 shipment? per day? How many days in advance? per player? If you have rein in the village, does it effect the limit? If you have rein in other villages of the player?

            This rule explains some of what we see but not all, so there are either more rules or bugs.

            You are calling this round Rise of Alliances. Resources support is BIG part of alliance organization. Given the spread of most of the accounts, limit per village makes no sense to me.

            Please switch back to the old pushing protection rules, they are known, there is no bugs as far as I know and I see absolutely no reason why new idea is better.

          2. Hi,
            With the resource fields of your main village on level 10 right after registration, we see a way bigger pushing issue than usual. While with the usual Travian: Legends ruleset sending resources is allowed for up to 7 days in advance, this would give a way to big advantage to players registering just a second account, and sending a week worth of production to their main account. With that we need a new more rigid protection.
            Some more details: its limited to 20% per village, reinforcements change the limit like in Travian: Legends, there are the same restrictions to sitters as in Travian: Legends, Alliance contributions don’t have an effect on the limit.
            I hope this answer could give you some more insight in the measures we take to provide a fair game for all our players.

  1. Please remove the ability to merge catapults. Its far too strong a feature and will benefit heavy gold users far too much. Merge (relocation) is fine – just NOT for catapults. All that will happen is people will pay money to merge armies directly next door to you and destroy your capital in 20 minutes.

    1. i totally agree. i think you should always try not to privilege heavy gold users. more: i found horrible the capacity of warehouse in the early game (fields at level 10 and 800 warehouse capacity..): you MUST spend a lot to upgrade it enough not to get it full in a few minutes.. maybe you already corrected it.. for the rest: almost perfect! Looking forward to play this new scattered empire 😀

  2. Hello Anny!

    “The other Server will launch at September the 5th.” – Is this the date for com domain?

    I have a question about alliance bonus feature:
    What is the maximum I get with reaching fifth level? Is it 10% finally or is every level additional, so I end up with 30% bonus?

    I am happily looking forward to this birthday special 🙂

    1. Hi,
      the first servers will start beginning from September 5th. The COM domain will follow later but we will keep you informed, once a server is about to start.

      Regarding the bonus feature:
      10% is final.

      Martin 🙂

  3. Forwarding defence was a great feature and helped the def co-ordination but relocation of troops wasn’t good especially if you can do it by spending gold. On the last scattered empire I played, some accounts were spending insane amounts of gold in relocating troops and creating massive armies far too early in the game for the ‘ordinary’ players even moderate gold users to cope with. Also the bigger the armies the greater the raiding which allowed people to get even more troops and mostly down to gold use. The gameplay became so unbalanced that players left the server in droves after only a month or so. A pity because most of the other features seem good.

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