Today will be all about tactics, strategy and of course: poetic battle reports. The Travian Tournament keeps our players busy every hour of the day but they still manage to send us inspired stories of their heroic struggle.

First off, we take a look at the server of Group B and how things are developing there:

“Week four after rumors spread that Ru-Team Republic had fallen we decided to raise its glory up to the rock again and eradicate all Syths in the galaxy completely destroy a 15-crop village belonging to player Лысый, which he had set up on our territory. In the evening we called to arms “Who wants to send troops against Syth’s 15-cropper?”: For a long while, only echoes responded. When someone finally answered, young and optimistic callers turned into old grumbling men: “Where is everyone? We’re bored!!!” At that moment, the new young generation – still optimistic but grumbling, finally responded: “Ok, let’s go. Last time you didn’t call on us and you failed. We started and even already stopped training catapults, since you never call on us”. Then they had been discussing for a whole day where to send fake attacks, whether to send them or not etc etc. To cut a long story short, they decided to send fakes to all villages belonging to Лысый. The first fake attack was unsuccessful and was thwarted.

The second fake attack was also unsuccessful, but only partly: it still managed to destroy one building which made the troops happier. However, the main attack was a success: Troops in the first wave were happy that they at least met some defense, other waves were also happy that the first wave managed to kill those defenses. A guy who wanted that 15-cropper was happy, too. And a rare bird Boethius, who looks after the whole Cerber Meta, was happy.
1. Yes, we know there are not enough rams;
2. Sending an attack without a hero wasn’t a smart move and we know that as well;
3. Sending army at night is more convenient because all enemies are asleep or ПЧЕЛЫ just doesn’t know how to cut waves.
Thank you all.”

Thank you, Boethius! Now we are directing our attention to Group E, where Alloy is telling us about his struggle and the fight against “robots”:

“Hi, this is my weekly report. In the past few days, the Gods have been shining on me. My villages are prosperous, with my people working very hard to supply my villages with resources. Harvests this season have been great, as infrequent rains have been released over my lands by the o’mighty Gods. My villagers are elated to find that parties are being held every day, non-stop! The finest Imperians and Equites of my empire are glad to see that being sent to faraway lands to plunder rich villages is finally paying off. As a reward, they are getting upgrades to their armor and weapons, together with extra supplies of crop to feed their families back home. They will also be citizens of the mighty empire once their time has been served! The messengers of the kingdom have brought great news to my allies, of our catapults firing down on our enemies and smashing their buildings to the ground. Reports of attacks on our toughest enemies of great victories worthy of the highest honours of our emperor. Stories of brave horsemen, infantry and skilled men handling siege weapons fighting for the glory of the empire are told and passed on as bedtime stories for our children. We even occasionally hear of great celebrations being held as the respected chiefs take part in battles, with entire villages being persuaded to join us in our fight. The highly trained Imperians and Equites in my empire also took part in the great war. Sending them off on their way, I could see the dust kicked up by the horses while on the rally point, slowly getting smaller and smaller. Days and nights of anxiety passed, until my own messengers came back to report of the victorious battles. The powerful Imperians killed and plundered, while my Equites charged into the heart of the village. Empires throughout the world are recruiting soldiers to amass formidable armies to bring to their enemies’ doorsteps, supported by the large farms of their capitals. What makes this week even more special and happy for me is that scouts from all around the world, be it allied, or enemy, have announced that the battle against a very powerful enemy – the bots, has started on a massive scale. Hundreds of these robots are being removed from their maps, their inhabitants and resources vanishing without a trace. Chanting and cheering as these kingdoms are being raised to the ground are not uncommon, being a victory for everyone except for the evil emperors who constantly raid these kingdoms for resources. We are finally getting rid of these powerful and frightening beings. This is all that I can write about this week, being very busy organizing my kingdom and ordering troops to strike lands barely heard of far away. I hope that the Gods can continue to allow us to have a good harvest.”

May the gods be on your side, Alloy and thank you for your report. To everyone who is currently fighting the good fight on our Tournament Servers – or practicing on our normal severs: We salute you!