Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 1: Alliance Bonus

Our game designers have prepared a number of features for this year’s birthday special “Travian: Rise of Alliances”. Each of them will be featured in a separate entry as part of our brandnew blog series, so that you are both well informed and well prepared. Today we begin with the alliance bonus.

Every single member of the alliance can benefit from the alliance bonus activated through its members’ contributions. Is this explanation too vague for you? Okay! Each player can invest resources in order to unlock the bonus for their alliance. Once the required sum has been reached, the bonus will activate.

It gives you a range of different advantages: Once it has been unlocked, for example, units will be produced faster or troops will become stronger. On top of that, the production of culture points can be increased for the whole alliance.

The alliance bonus will not only facilitate teamwork as part of being in an alliance and provide players with the benefits mentioned above, but it will also include a contribution ranking which shows which members have contributed most towards the common goal and reward them with a high rank.

You’re still not a 100% sure how the alliance bonus will work in the game? Take a look at our video about this bonus; it should clear things up for you.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next blog entry regarding some balancing changes for “Rise of Alliances” and don’t forget: We’ll also keep you updated via our social media channels!

9 Comments on “Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 1: Alliance Bonus

    • Hey Shazy,

      if you go to the bonus overview, you can see your overall contributions per bonus. There are four bonuses, and for each of them we show how much you have donated. These numbers you have to add there, to get the result.

      I hope this helps you 🙂


    • Hey lapis,

      it is only visible which amount of resources is needed for the current level.

      Hope this helps you 🙂


      • Hi,
        I play on Croatian serve ts19 and you can’t see how much do you need for the current level, there’s obvious a mistake. Who can I contact to fix that?
        Thank you, lapis

          • Hi!

            It’s not only the Croatian server that’s bugged. The Danish ts19 has the same problem. The amount of ressources needed is not visible. I hope that this error will be fixed soon.


  1. Hi,
    I’ve joined a new alliance a few days ago and one of the bonuses (Recruitment) is still locked for me. The page says “Bonus activation: 16/09/28, 16:12”, but it’s 09/30 already and it’s still locked. I tried to contribute a few times but it didn’t help. Please, could you tell me what should I do to unlock this bonus?
    I’m playing at the ts80.com server.
    Thanks a lot,

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