Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 2: Balancing Changes

Both players and game designers know how important it is: Good balancing is crucial for a competitive multi-player game. Only then will the gaming experience be worthwhile, motivating and challenging. That doesn’t mean however that there is the “perfect” way to balance all of the game’s components. Different approaches will lead to diverse game experiences, all of which can be equally entertaining.

For Rise of Alliances the game designers have decided to turn a couple of things upside-down: The generation of victory points now favors areas with normal artifacts over those with particularly powerful artifacts. We’ve also decided to use a new calculation system for defense points; one that was preferred by our players in a survey.

If you’re still not sure how these features work in detail, take a look at our video where we go over everything once again.

Look out for our next blog entry as we’ll be explaining the “early game kick-start” feature in “Rise of Alliances”.

One Comment on “Rise of Alliances – Feature Introduction Part 2: Balancing Changes

  1. iam AMETAP BATCHAN who won the first server of ancient europa travian in ae
    iam expert in travian since 3.5 classic version
    this feature is very bad it annonce the defenders accounts which will make it an easy and important target to destroy it firstly
    i will not play because of this feature

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