Travian Tournament Reporter – A different kind of summary…

Hi Travians,
we just started with our little series of tournament reports and hope you like them as much as we do! Today we have a very special one for you. It is also from the first weeks of the tournament from group C. It comes directly from a player and it is a good mix of information, storytelling and a little bit of crazyness. To summarize it: We love it! Have fun reading 🙂


– I’d like to point out that I’m not a member of one of the confederations or even in an alliance mentioned here. My analysis is based on the forum and a few testimonials. We have to expect some errors, but let’s hope they don’t change the reality of the server.

– Published on June 17, 2016 (new rankings, etc.)

Hi, tough guys!

Above all, remember I’m the best innkeeper in the region. When people encounter me on the well-trodden paths, they shout, “Barkeeper! An ale from your best barrel!”

I am the:

Ancestral creator of beer

Liberator of the barrels

Drink engineer

Throat surgeon

The mother of dragons (ooops, that isn’t me)

”Can we stop soon? I’m thirsty” shouted a shadowy and brave fighter called La Colline.

Yes, stay cool, man.

Where was I? Ah yes… today I’m going to analyze the start of the 2016 tournament:

– While we were enjoying the feast in my honor, we noticed…

“my club ahahahaha”

… We noticed a man entering my humble tavern. And it was then that everything changed… He was a soldier bringing a message: the war was starting again…

So, for the honor, glory, and especially the rewards, four nations will compete on the battlefield:

France, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, and Taiwan


14 days of war later… on the French side.

Long before the beginning of the server, several warlords had agreed to meet at my tavern to concoct an ambitious project: to create a French coalition.

Many French therefore assembled to hoist the French flag and wave it with pride. And that’s how the REN appeared.

Their aim was simple: assemble as many French as possible and dominate the battlefield.

And it seems to be working for now! The French honor the appointment!


We can see some RENs have made a really good start. Five villages already for the first six! Pretty amazing…

However, as undoubtedly expected, and since the start, there have been many discussions regarding their organization, their objectives, and speech. Although supported by the majority, they’ve faced criticism from some quarters.

Here’s an extract (invention + reality) from the speech by REN that represents one of the most hotly debated issues at the moment:

“No members of the confederation will attack other French (….). We’ll all be respected and united for better or worse (…) we’ll all love each other to make France even greater (…). Let’s forget the past, start from scratch, and make France finally stand up and be counted!”

In addition, we all know that divisions always arise in times of war, and that’s why there are also French hardliners hell-bent on going their own way (or not?).

-> For them, and contrary to what you might think, the Night Watch (Garde de nuit #GN) isn’t in the North to defend the wall against an army of the undead, but in the South East instead. (Maybe they’ll try to capture the Great WALL of China)

-> As for the CEA, they’re down in the garden, lighting the barbecue when the weather’s nice, and move to the garden shed for a game of poker when it rains.

While they are encountered/sought on the battlefield, they are also both engaged in combat with the Asiatic coalition NB-(and their allies…) who are surrounding them. We hope they won’t be overwhelmed by the human tide of Asiatics!.

Moreover, another French coalition has emerged: the ~~H~~.

We see that there was lots of bickering on the forum (and in the game?) between the coalitions right from the start. But it’s quite hard to understand why (do they even know themselves?)

How far will they go? Will they divide the French even more?! Will this result in war?

So many questions and no answers(for now)

We should also remember that the pact between REN & the Chinese has received some criticism. It could generate fresh tensions in fact.

That’s how problems arise. Actually, as mentioned above, the CEA (+ the #GN) are at war with the Chinese. However, owing to the treaty, doesn’t that mean the French coalition is at war with some from FR?! If this isn’t the case, although the REN are (surely) aware of the attacks against the latter, what’s the true nature of this pact? Will they abandon their new allies and turn against their compatriots?! Our country? … betray the Chinese? or do nothing and continue  developing?

I think, like most of you, we hope the French don’t annihilate each other.


“Hey barkeeper, shut it! We want a fight!!”, shouted a Stirk of the Wolf Cub dynasty.

“Oh yes, and some blood!

“I’m thiirssstty!”*


OK, like most of us at the start of a server, we focus on resources (well, I do anyway ). But bear in mind that battles have also been raging and a large number of soldiers have already died on the battlefield!!

And yes… The French are really going to get the blood flowing!

The best off for this server currently is (June 16, 16: 12am) FL & Addi of REN&GA. He’s followed closely by AvoZarkCiao. who owes the Czechs many offense points!


Similarly, John Snow has just overtaken his French counterpart: Jean neige and finds himself in 1st place in the top 10 OFF for the week. Does this mean that the original version is better than the French version? Did he go beyond the wall? How many times will he be able to bounce back and defy death? Will he go out with the red witch? (but I digress…)

In any case, he can no doubt congratulate his dear wolf (hmm hero) Fantôme, who is in first place.

We saw a jump in the rankings of the hero of FL & Addi. What happened there? We’ll find out eventually…


Regarding the top alliances:

No surprises here; we find the REN among the top in offense, evolution and raiding ! They’re making their presence felt and their enemies will surely be quaking in their boots!

“Oohhh, I’m getting goosebumps!”, slurred the drunkard.

The CEA and three alliances NB- and CS, seem to be attracting the lightning to them!

The CEA, who had struck the most enemies down at the foot of their wall, have just been overtaken by the Czechs! But watch out: The blood is again streaming down the faces of their valiant warriors. Their soldiers are formidable opponents, make no mistake! They’re Ardéchois (from the Ardèche region in France): and like marching barefoot or in sandals, and pronounce the “e” in house.

The 1st place of the Czechs in defense is undoubtedly due to REN&GA who are currently dominating the battlefield! They’re the ones who have planned the most deadly raids.

5 6

Regarding pillage, we see extensive domination by Anges (Ren ~A~) in the rankings.

Among their members, Gabriel is the best raider on the server! You gotta give it to ’em!

However, I should point out that they have almost twice the bounty (!!!!) compared to the alliance (and the player) in 2nd place. I find that incredible, don’t you?

So, an unusual presence in the game? A vast looting army? Can it be true?

Maybe Travian favors those with the deep pockets…

In any case, for their sake I hope they haven’t got a secret and malicious organization behind all this…

OK, well maybe they’re simply mega strong!!


Focus on locations:



As mentioned above, we see they’re mostly in the  South East with some alliances in the North West. We see a certain “relocation” process going on. What have they got in store for us?



Unlike the other coalition, the “Haches de guerre” have decided to locate their stronghold in the NE sector, although they also have a presence in the NW (a small one)



As I said earlier, CEA and #GN are in the SW, at the heart of the stronghold of the Chinese.

The Asiatics


Meanwhile, the Asiatic coalition has decided to assemble most of its troops in the  SW. It’s worth noting they’ve relocated their villages slightly, and prefer to remain fairly central, presumably to be closer to their target and dominate the center of this world.

Although their technology is more advanced, will they still be able to crush their enemies?

The Czechs


Unlike everyone else, the Czechs are present in all parts of the map, even if the East seems to be more attractive to them. This seems to be bad pre-game organization, but could be an advantage later to enable them to launch rapid strikes over the entire map.

(Passage edited: Thanks for telling me.)

Oh dear, prepare for some bruising battles! And you won’t have to wait long! Hostilities have already commenced with a large number of players!

We’re waiting for the combat reports!!

AvoZarkCiao. has already launched an attack anyway! That guy sure doesn’t waste any time!

Just a few combat reports to conclude

The French are attacking!


The French are pressing delete!


It’s all going wrong for the animals!!


A hero got crushed! Shield your eyes!

All as he was entering a neighboring village…BOOM!


Undeterred, he’ll be back! AND OFF WE GO AGAIN!


Where there’s two, there’s always…BIM BOOM BAMMMMM!



After a few more sections… it’s time to stop, don’t you think? CHOO CHOO BIM BADABOOM!



Frankly nothing would shock you with this warrior, this monster, this hero, eh?!…

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