Travian Legends: Tournament Reporters Vol.1 (second part)

Here we go again. Today our players from the Brazil Server and the International Sever will tell us what has been happening so far in the ongoing Travian Tournament. First, a gripping tale from Brazil:

“Peasants, workers and artisans – everybody was smiling when the hero came to tell of his war feats. The city, ’01 Author of Life’, was in crisis because it was constantly under attacks from a nearby town, “Eg 1”. When the king of the empire decided, to put some crannies in strategic points of the city to hide resources from attackers, a new legend, new myth began. At the time he had no soldiers for battle. The captains decided to create a war machine. Our hero decided to work harder and went out exploring wild areas never seen before. Each time when he returned, the city rejoiced, for he had a physical appearance increasingly robust and it gave security to all residents of the city. One day our hero was seriously wounded by wild animals and the city had suffered another assault from the same attackers. So the hero said:  I will stop this right now!

Even though he was seriously injured, he went to the nearby town, “Eg 1”, and checked out the city’s barriers, an army of 341 robbers, 43 paladins, on horse, and some barbarians.  It was time to come up with a good strategy. Our hero was never good at infiltration, and this time was no different. He tried to climb the barrier when it was seen by a peasant who saw his strong body and his dagger, and instantly knew that this hero was not there peacefully. So he starts to alert the peasants around him, and they started to run to the rally point of “Eg 1” to call the defenses and kill this strong hero that was seen climbing the wall of the city. The army of “Eg” saw our hero trying to climb the wall (really? Our hero isn’t invisible). Two knights ready to face our hero, were approaching, our hero killed them with just one blow. The army seeing this was divided: one part, scared, ran into the city, waiting at the rally point, while others attacked our hero. After some hours of battle, there were so many dead bodies lying around in “Eg 1” that our hero rode into the center of city to end the attacks on “01 Author of Life.”  In this moment, he saw a group of robbers at the rally point, which scared, asked for mercy. Our hero was not known to be merciful: he stabbed the robbers, one by one. When the complete army had been wiped out, our hero, his mission accomplished, left the city. That’s when, passing through the city of the barrier, he was stabbed in the back by the peasant who had discovered him in the first place. Falling on his knees, and knowing that he was at death’s door, he smiled to the heavens, because with his act he had freed the city “01 Author of Life” from the hands of the brigands that plagued her.”

An exciting story about strategy and sacrifice – it sounds like the game on the Brazilian Server is a tough one.


The International Server is up next with what starts as a battle hymn and indeed ends with a song:

“In the land, between two seas,
Where battles rage and friendships are made,
Where cities grow and then they fall (a lot)…
Fall… get obliterated… destroyed quickly with a wrecking ball.

We call this land a home, a home for dozens of Kings and Queens,
The home of calmness, but mainly cold blooded wars.
We call this land Travian (The Qualification Round Edition™)
One of those Kings, whom shall stay strong, who shall fight for his brothers, comrades and clan members in stone hardened bravery is named Sir Poor Roman.
He came across this land, together with his fierce comrades: the kind Sir Clubless, the brave Sir Epstalker, the annoying Sir Dragon, the greedy Sir DonateForPyro and many more…
They shall fight hand in hand, they shall battle together with their clan and emerge victorious and triumphant…

Enough of this pestering and bragging, I shall move to the story, which will be told from Sir Poor Roman’s Point of View.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016.
It all began today, when my settlers have founded my new kingdom in the vast lands of Travian. During the first days the struggles were real, I fought for every piece of goods I could plunder and spent everything smartly and built my village as efficiently as I could.
Sunday, June 5th, 2016.
A few days have passed since my new kingdom has emerged. The Kingdom has grown stronger since, less struggle, bigger production. I have trained new group of settlers to go and explore the land further, to look for a place with plenty of crops to feed my upcoming army. Once found, they may settle down and build a new village to feed my empire, so that neither I, nor my family, nor my people shall ever starve.
By dawn the settlers have arrived at a perfect spot about 100 miles away from the capital. They built a little Town Hall, to store the goods they carried, to start the future of an upcoming great city, one of the strongest in the empire.

Friday, June 10th, 2016.
My kingdom was shooting forward fast. My people had crops for days, weeks or even months. The economy has grown so much that I was planning to expand my kingdom again and settle a new village the next day.
It was going so well, but…

Today, some of my clans finest scouts have visited the furthest breaches of South West. They told us horrible stories, of the horrifying sights they saw. What did they see you may ask? They saw dozens upon dozens of new villages crammed together, maybe even a few hundred. They were new, of Sirs and Madams that were unheard of. The Sirs and Madams did not even control these Kingdoms. The scouts, terrified and shaking were whispering words like: “it’s unfair… No man, nor woman should do this… Bots.. Those towns and villages are controlled by bots.” Robots as we may call them, a new industry where no man has set his hands on building it, only strange and unfair mechanics.
We are terrified, we prayed to the gods that day and night. No one has answered our calls, so we may be doomed, we may not be. Who knows what the future brings. We will see.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2016. (Today)
With no signs of the bot villages disappearing, many events have happened today.

The first of which was an unsuccessful raid to a nearby village. The brave troops have gone and never came back, 24 of my finest imperials have died… I was shocked, upset and mostly MAD.
So I have unleashed my rage on all of their kingdom, slaughtering his troops, murdering their families. I did this all by myself, with a few brave horsemen who were willing to help me. Within few hours and hundreds, nearly a thousand of enemy casualties I defeated and murdered him in cold blood, left his villages empty, apart from his troops scattered bodies and the dust of my horse kicking away home in triumph.
At midday, I got a visit from Sir. Clubless’ messenger: he has found a nearby town with a big fat bounty, the only problem was it was well defended. So I, Sir Clubless and two other clan members have marched to defeat it and plunder all the goods.
My troops have written a song about this quest. It goes like this:

‘Four brave Heroes have set off on a mission,
To defeat and slaughter the enemy to his submission.
Work as a team, bond and make a long lasting friendship,
Fight hand to hand and tell a tale about their battling hardship.
Once the troops were all defeated,
And the mission to plunder was completed,
It was time to share the bounty,
But the heroes were too bad at counting.
They were struggling to divide it smartly,
Not enough was blamed partly.'”

We at Travian find it extremely fascinating how much the Tournament inspires our players. We are looking forward to future reports and the next round of the Travian Tournament. Stay tuned!

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