Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 4 (Part 1/2)

You thought we were done? Well, the battle for the Travian Tournament is not for the faint of heart. The servers of the Tournament’s first round are still up and running and things are getting more serious by the day. Let’s see what our players themselves are experiencing during the game.

First, we take a look at Group A. Kele sent in this report, that starts out almost romantic but then becomes something different entirely:

“And there we were, what was the left of the fourth division of swordsmen from our lord the King.
The sun blazed over our heads as we had seldom seen it during the war. We were in the lake.
Everyone wanted to rid our bodies – and minds – of the smell of sweat, enemy blood and war, in a relaxing bath in the cleansing water.

As I closed my eyes and dipped under the water, the memories of screams and flurries of arrows to which my life had been reduced lately gradually gave way to the laughs of my girls and the sound of the river in my home town. In my mind, I created the illusion of peace that I may never see again. It was amazing how this small lake transformed our thoughts and feelings.
I could enjoy each drop of water. The only inconvenience being the shield that I had to carry. I wish I could set it down, but I could not disobey the instructions from the master of the kingdom:
‘Your shield is part of your arm, I don’t want you to separate yourselves from it at any moment, even if you lose your arm, you always have the other to keep holding it.’

Suddenly, along the lake I heard celebrations from the men all gazing toward the eastern part of the lake. A group of beautiful women from the country that we were invading were coming to bathe and wash their clothes in the lake. Our men didn’t take long to start wooing them, amazingly, they started responding. Little by little, they came into the lake until they reached the men, allowing their clothes to fall of them, revealing the most beautiful breasts, or so it seemed to us. It had been so long since we last saw our women at home, it drove us crazy and made us lustful. The lake quickly became an improvised brothel… oh how we paid for it!
The most logical thing never even crossed our minds. We took the bait like silly children, like soldiers from Utopia, believing ourselves to be immortal. The ambush was set!
Four guardians fell down unexpectedly when the arrows from the Sethyan longbows reach them. The whirring of arrows and their impact on the water was relentless, too quick for us to regain our composure. Between 60 to 90 enemy archers surrounded the lake and we were their targets. I don’t know if surrender was an option, my men started to take to the swords like mad men, starting a battle that was lost before it had even started. We were just 300 soldiers enclosed in the mass of water, between the excitement and the fear it was impossible to coordinate any reasonable movement. I could only move 2 steps when I noticed a stinging and unbelievable pain on my right shoulder, which turned red with blood. The first thing I thought was how lucky I was; a few centimeters to the left and I would have been dead. But then, after seeing floating bodies all around me I wish I would have died, there was no hope. I submerged myself under the water for about 3 minutes, as much as my lungs allowed me, then I came up as fast as possible to take some more air. It was just enough for two arrows to reach me, one on the left thigh another one on the right lung, the one that finished my life in lasting agony.

The insignias on their armor was enough to think about… what are the 3 different legions in the orient, where do they come from… I could not think any more, I had expelled my final breath…”

From the Arabian server reaches us this personal tale:

“Travian has changed my life, my story began five years ago while I was playing on the AE5 server. I met my wife through Travian; while we were playing the game, we were at war on that server and we were attacking each other. We then became lovers and eventually got married. We also have children now, and continue to play Travian on the tournament server together. I am happy now and have much to be grateful to Travian for. I love this game.”

What a wonderful story! Just to think that there are “Travian Children” gives us a thrill! We are more than happy that the game and our Tournament keeps our players so engaged and inspired. We still have a long way to go but we are looking forward to more entries into our Player Reports. Now back to the battle: good luck!

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  1. I don’t know if surrender was an option, my men started to take to the swords like mad men, starting a battle that was lost before it had even started.

  2. I know this isn’t the appropriate place to ask this, but can you guys please make a post soon about the birthday special and your new features you plan to implement based on feedback you got in the forums?

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