Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 3 (Part 2/2)

Time for more stories about glorious battles and heroic deeds. Even more of our Tournament players sent in reports from the ongoing competition and we are happy to say, things are getting even more exciting.

First, we are hearing from “Miracle-” a Group D player who, like many of our players, found a nemesis while playing very early on:

“Some time ago, my village was being haunted by a neighboring village. The opponent’s troops were fast and I did not have the time to hide my resources effectively. After several unsuccessful defenses, my Hero “Miracle-” decided to consult the Gods and had a vision of Athena who tells him how he should act against the armies of the mad tyrant who was attacking him.

First, we upgraded our defenses and with some help of allied villages, we had success in fending off and killing off any spy who came to our village. The tyrant, despite being crazy, hesitated to attack, because it would have been very expensive, so his troops left us alone for a while.
In this short period of silence, the hero resolved to strengthen its growing population, getting more people to their villages and so more work was getting done, we generated more resources.
But our hero also wanted to take revenge on the tyrant, who had robbed our resources, left families homeless, children hunger and shaken commerce sites, so we decided to join with partners to plan our big revenge.

Our hero asked for help from the gods again, he asked that Vulcan and Mars bless their arms and make the hammer of blacksmiths from their village beat stronger. He enlisted the help of Minerva, so we could build stronger war machines that could take down the enemy.
After a while, he was blessed Athena’s vision again and found that his opponent had an oasis, completely unprotected and, after consulting his right arm in the barracks, decided to bleed that Oasis out as much as possible while his counterattack wasn’t ready. So we spied and attacked, spied and attacked day and night, stealing the resources of this tyrant.

Here are the corresponding reports:

After dozens of attacks on this oasis I felt confident and inspired to hit the REAL enemy. And after understanding the behavior of our opponent through more aggressive espionage, we recruited the best of the best from our villages and attacked together, but unfortunately some of us did not return. (aldeia principal)
(main village) (aldeia secundária)
(second village)

Thus inspired after spotting the enemy I said: “Brothers in Arms, today we will avenge the terrible famine that we survived. TO ARMS DEAR WARRIORS, DO NOT FEAR DEATH, BELONA BLESS US!!!”

However, the enemy had caused so much hatred and destruction in our village, that our hero decided to go to the tyrant’s capital empire at all costs.
Even knowing that his men would not survive the confrontation, he wanted to try to find the enemy and to take revenge once and for all. Our hero died in the war, but he died happy and was able to meet the gods that helped him with honor.

PS: The blood will not stop here!”

That was a classic Travian story if we ever heard one! Now let us take a look at Group E – Damnstud reports back with an update on the rankings and the unfolding relations on his server:

“Howdy folks,
I’m going to provide you with an update on the progress in our Travian world since my last report.
Much has been changed in this epic world of war, friendships and hatred. It is difficult to say which brave warriors are going to take on the Persian army of the natars and who will be building the Wonder of the World. We can certainly see many alliances making and breaking in this stage of game.
While HH has renewed its name and fame, they have maintained their attacking attitude with keeping themselves in top 10 attackers and robbers. On the other hand, Norwind as usual has killed many attacking armies — keeping themselves at the top of then defenders for consecutive weeks. However in this week they are facing great competition from Italy when it comes to defending. Italy had shown great strength and effort in saying “keep calm” during the last couple of weeks and damaged the attackers’ armies. It will be difficult to compensate their losses.
HellasDT and Arabs have kept themselves distanced for some time but this only means the upcoming waves of attacks and defenses will be like tsunami waves.
On an individual level, players like Dariush – a drama queen — have kept their name on top of the attackers ranking. Dariush has even kept his robbing hobby alive. Interestingly enough, I have found that some fights on a personal level are happening. Some of them went so far, that the opponents mentioned each others names in their profiles.
As far as the Travian world is concerned, the active members have been reduced from 12k to 7.5k right now. This is due to the new Captcha System, that the Travian team introduced to make the logging in more secure and to ban multies.

That’s probably it for now, more updates will be coming soon as artifacts are coming closer and closer.


Finally, we are taking a look at a report from Group F, that is here to remind us of a few things about the game:

“The subject of our report is, that the number of a village’s population is not all there is to know. You may find a player with a small population and believe that he is unable to defend himself. At the beginning of the server, while I was searching for people to farm, I started to raid players with small populations. Suddenly I got a report that I lost my troops – I opened the report and here it was: he killed my troops. I know that I wiped all his troops but I survived only with few of my troops. We need to remember: Travian is a strategy game, the player must think before he attacks other players and come up with a good strategy to play even if the goal is just to find a new village to farm.”

Think before you farm — maybe this should be on a Travian T-Shirt, what do you think? 😉
As always: Thank you all for contributing by sending in your reports, we are excited to find out what the rest of the tournaments holds for us.

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