Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 3 (Part 1/2)

The Euro 2016 is over but a far bigger Tournament is still ongoing: The Travian Tournament 2016 will decide who the best Travian players in the world are. We keep geeting reports from the involved players that show us, just how exciting things are. Today, we take another look at Group B and C. First, let’s read this battle report:

Group B

“Salve, Emperor. We have very pleasant news from our province.

After we destroyed a 9-crops village belonging to a player named ромашка, her ally decided to take revenge. The main characters of our story will be ФатаМоргана, ромашка, and CRAZY и СуТиНеР. I must admit that the first one is really experienced. He seemed to have no problems with adding his catapult attacks the same second after attacks launched by ромашка and other players, whose travel times were way longer than his (like 1,5 – 3 hours). His catapults were only 36 min away from my villages and that made things harder for us.
The enemy was extremely well prepared: exclusively for this operation they built a village up to 630 population and made 300 catapults in there!

The battle went like this:
First ромашка’s hammer arrived. It was pretty big: around 11k well-trained clubswingers and 1700 undefeatable teutonic knights. ФатаМоргана added 4 waves with catapults which arrived at the same second. As a result I lost 8 crop-fields. Well, it’s not good, but I can live with that. After a couple of players from ally Три—Т also launched attacks on my villages around 2 AM. That night it seemed that attacks would never end… Yet still we survived!

Here are most interesting reports from that glorious all-night battle:

1) Result: attackers lost 1300 druidriders and additionally 280 catapults from their closest village. So, the main threat was defeated. Meanwhile we were upgrading our village.

2) Result: СуТиНеР lost 300 catapults, also small attacking army was killed. We kept building houses.

3) On the other side of my empire player вавилон decided to farm my spawn village. Well, he managed but not without losses 😉

4) Ромашка’s small army arrived… and lots of catapult waves 46 min after that.
Result: Attackers lost some siege equipment. We kept building.

The whole war operation of an ally NutHousE took around 14 hours. We lost 15 crop-fields 7 to 0 and some internal low level buildings. Even without a granary (with only 800 capacity) and negative crop around -20k per hour we managed to keep the crop supply stable: there were never less than 500 crops in the village and no unit died of starvation (regardless of what our enemies say).

As you can guess this is not the end of the story! So, you’ll definitely hear more news from us pretty soon!

Now it’s time to go. Morituri te salutant!”
Group C

Looks like things are heating up in Group B! From Group C – not to be outdone — reaches us a report from Jpeco, who finds poetic words for his tale of violence as well as tactics:

“The wind blows on the plains.
My mind is clouded.
This calendar says this week is the third since the start of this world.
But my dove reminds me that my journey began on 16-06-01 at 02:01 PM.
So, 15 years since my tale began.

Supreme stupidity, my Gallic warriors, despite mead that is flowing generously in the Woody’s tavern, remind me that we are not alone, we are French and we are in an international world!

And suddenly, I see a light at the end of the tunnel: my memories, slightly numb, finally come back to me: the server is populated by French certainly, but also by foreign tribes such as Czech, Chinese or Greek.

Then, everything has brightened, my dove has not deceived me! It is indeed the third week of development of my village and not the 15th year!

This silly bird is actually not the only one who called me to order!
True, the French are omnipresent on the battlefield, they are seeking first places in all the rankings, either in terms of population (16 French in the first 20 places) than at the other honor rolls where the Angels (alliance REN  ~ A ~) invest the top slots for raiders and attackers.
But the enemy, although invisible, it is yet so real!

I remember that I was told the exploits of angels in war against the Czechs.
They posted proudly, it’s warranted, the reports of their best battles.
You may think this seems early but I remember somebody told me it’s never too early to defeat the enemy.

We must admit that the Czech have warm blood. A loyal companion had many concerns regarding his first stronghold, he feared the risk of active relocation!
Just a moment later, his fears proved to be accurate: the enemy was at his gates.
Without a warning shot or a raven messenger, a horde of Czech unfurled on him.
In no time, the Gaul fence was destroyed. Poor defenders, surprised in the middle of the night, while harnessing the horses and sharpening the spears or sleeping, have not even seen their enemy, and offered a poor resistance to the strong army, thirsty for glory and blood …
After the passage of the horde, a stone rain covered the sky on the Gallic village and destroyed in a trice, the Main Building, the Residence and the Barracks.
In front of this eyesore, my companion sent messengers, called out to neighboring villages, allies and all the Gaul, (FR confederation), for support in these times of destruction and terror!
Faithful to the oath, countless troops have converged to his position to reinforce the field of ruins that remained.
The Czech, frustrated, and not able to cope with so many reinforcements, walked away quickly to distant regions probably less hostile towards them.

This served as a reminder to every one of the imminent revival of the beast, to refocus on the objectives, to prepare troops, and sound the horn of revolt.  After all: A bloody war is approaching.

A wise old man once told me, in a gloomy tavern, that only destruction could be compared to addiction… Soon this old adage will finally show all its meaning…

Enjoy the game!
Glory, honor and epic battles!”

So say we all! Seriously, from us at Travian: Enjoy the Tournament and keep sending in your stories, it gives others a chance to take part in the excitement and thrill of it all. We will be back with another report soon!

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