…and we’re back! The nice players of our Tournament Groups D and E sent in their own reports and provide us with their insider perspective on the game.

Group D
We are beginning with a story which in turn, is a warning and an important reminder to us all. Here is the report from Portugal, sent in by Matasete.

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, because it’s a little embarrassing, but… here we go anyway:
I went to bed too late, at +/- 3:00am, my vision already started to get blurry, while my brother went to bed at 2:00am.
I play on 2 servers: PTx and TT2016, both with the same nickname.

So I log into the TT2016 and only see 3 villages. I was terrified because in PTx we have 10 villages. So, thinking I was on the speed server, I ran up the stairs to wake my brother… ‘Oi, wake up, we only have 3 villages.’ In shock, I ran down the stairs, looked at the computer and said ‘Go to sleep bro. Tomorrow we will talk’. Needless to say more… I only  have one word of advice to give to Travian players: if you play Travian, please don’t drink!!!!!”

Group E

Sound advice from Portugal! Tournament business is serious business. Next, we have a report from Group E. Our player Damnstud tells us a story of great tactics and strategy by using historical references:

“Namaste brothers and sisters,
After having played for a month on a boring Indian server with 500 players, a man decided to look for a recently started server with more players. It was June 10th when he found on travian.com a server (TX2) that started just 9 days earlier. Unaware of the fact that this was a double-speed server, he registered with the Gaul tribe at his favorite location in the south-west.

Week 1 (registration onwards; days 1-4):
It was all going well – I was free from the tension and excitement of attacks and raids, the city started growing, with the focus being on growing the economy first, rather than the military. The globe had already expanded and looking at the map, it was scary to imagine what could happen without the protection of Travian’s task master.
The map looked as if god king Xerxes sent his Persian army to the SW of the Travian world to conquer it. It looked good for those brave 300 Spartans and those Romans, who stood their ground and fought against those cruel guys.
Week 1 (days 5-7):
I’m afraid of the 12k kingdoms, the majority of which were settled in the SW and the king decided to make use of the protection extension offered by the task master in order to develop his city further.
The king eventually becomes aware of the importance of alliances and friendships. This also was the beginning of the search for more food-containing villages. While he searched for villages on the map, the king understood that he was surrounded by lots of kingdoms and attacks seemed to be imminent. Thus, the king decided to make arrangements for defense and secret stores to keep resources out of the sight of looters.
Week 2:
The event that was anticipated by the king did materialize. As soon as the beginner’s protection ended, a well-established king sent his army in multiple waves. With their future in jeopardy, the Gaul army started laying out traps to capture the looters. Everything went smoothly and the army did well during its first test. On the other hand, many kingdoms have begun fighting for local supremacy and many alliances lost villages to the mighty armies of other kingdoms. The Persians turned out to be robot kingdoms —  and the Natars benefited from them.
It seems like the Arabs and Russians, who are trying to establish their hold on the Travian kingdom, have declared war against everyone. Soon the beautiful artifacts will be released and the real battle for them will commence. There are many other kingdoms that can potentially play a major role during the endgame and only time will tell how things play out.


Thank you Damnstud! It is lovely to see how inspired you guys are by the Tournament and how exciting the game itself is already. We hope to see many more of these reports. If you are taking part of the Tournament yourself: Good luck!