Travian: Legends Tournament Report Vol.2 (Part 1/2)

Hey Travian Folks,

It’s time for the next installment in our ongoing series of Travian Tournament Reports by our players themselves. After all, who but them can tell us what it is really like to be part of this crazy competition? Enjoy reading!
Today, we are going to share the reports of players from Group B (Russian Federation, Chile, Poland and Romania) and Group C (France, Czech Republic, Indonesia and Taiwan).

Group B

First, Berr from Group B gives us some insight. It looks like there could be war on the horizon!

“This week nothing major happened, my Emperor. My kingdom is growing steadily, though not without some flaws. I was hoping to conquer a neighboring Romanian village. But after I already killed the defender’s troops and was lowering loyalty, he decided to not give me that village as it was and destroyed almost all buildings there. Well, he can keep his village now, I’ll find something better.
Also I’d like to report about the tension between the BAD and D&K alliances. Nothing major, but we scout each other and it may happen that the occasional local battle turns into a war.”

Another player — who chooses to remain anonymous — even sent in a report about an already ongoing war:

“The server is now in full swing and so far, we have seen a war between the alliances ПЧЕЛЫ and the Latins. There have already been reports of catapults attacks launched by players from both sides, destroying each others villages in the process. Some players were left with their accounts in bad shape, but you can see that both alliances are coordinating their attacks to create both defensive and offensive strategies. This has been a devastating war for some players, as they saw a couple of their villages reduced to rubble. You can tell from the start this is no ordinary server and the skill level has been amazing right from the onset. The best moment of this week was the war among these alliances that attacked each other with all their might and some offensive and defensive armies have been slaughtered.
So far the statistics are in favor of CerbeR, CerberDD and BAD.”

Group C

This sure sounds exciting! Now let’s switch to Group C. The player “Al coholiks” gives us a very detailed report about another ongoing war. This Tournament is truly challenging it seems:

just like it usually plays out on qualification servers, it’s all about politics.
We are surrounded by enemies. – Main French alliance. French alliances + around 10 other alliances fighting with French players.

But we can still defend ourselves… – Chinese players players

Apart from the different flags and nationalities they share common diplomatic goals. Currently that means 2,000+ foreign accounts against roughly 300 Czech accounts. It would be a good fight, if it wasn’t for the pushed accounts in one of the French alliances that demolish everything they can with catapults. at this alliance.

They pushed — their best player Gabriel – 15 pieces not 15,000 off points, but 5,000,000 stolen resources. They got excellent support from the remaining accounts in REN + for their 8 co-players in the alliance.
The worst is that these players settled their capitals in the -/+ area, where the largest group of Czech and Slovak players is located. They catapult what they can and they are starting from the gray zone.

As of today we have so far not been able to defend ourselves against the army of 6,000 Imperians, 3,700 ECs, 550 rams and catapults which is destroying CZ players near the gray zone (and it’s a pushed account). A mass message was sent around the alliance, saying that even off players should start making defensive troops, because we stand no other chance of winning here any other way than by having a good defense.

Looking at the situation for Czech and Slovak players near the borders, there is a 20% chance that we’ll keep our positions within 30-40 fields.
REN and NB are also supported by Portuguese, Thai, Greek and Scandinavian players.
The Czech and Slovak alliances have so far been divided according to their location and we’re trying to make all players cooperate even if they fought each other on CZ servers.”

We want to thank everybody for reporting back to us! It’s exciting to see how hard the fight is already. Stay tuned for more reports!

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