Travian Kingdoms: The new chat system is here!

Good news, everyone! We gave our good-old chat system a complete overhaul and included a few new features.

There are now three different types of messages: The chat rooms are intended for instant communication with like-minded players. If you go online here, you will also be able to see who else is in the chat room. If you stay offline, you will only see the number of people who are logged into the chat room. One new feature is that there is no longer a chat log, so you don’t have to read through old messages that were written while you were offline. Of course, this also means it is better to use the group messages for messages that are important and should be read by everyone.

The chat rooms available include “Global” for all players, as well as “Alliance”, “Kingdom” and “Secret Societies” for the various player groups.

Don’t worry, we haven’t made too many changes to the group messages. They are still permanent and available for all alliances, kingdoms and secret societies. Of course, we have a few ideas up our sleeves regarding how we might improve group messages. Future features could include the ability to create custom groups, leave certain conversations or delete messages, for example.

If you want to talk to players individually, the private messages are naturally your first choice. These are available to you from the chat as well as from the group messages, where you can select your conversation partner directly. Private messages do not get deleted, so you can go back over your conversations afterwards.

Now, jump right into the game and don’t forget to make ample use of the messaging features. Particularly in a game like Travian: Kingdoms, communicating well can result in great tactical advantages! Plus, you might make a friend for life!

And here is the Game.

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