What is… localization?

What exactly is localization and what work does it involve? Robert from the localization team was kind enough to answer these questions and more in an interview.

Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 4 (Part 1/2)

You thought we were done? Well, the battle for the Travian Tournament is not for the faint of heart. The servers of the Tournament’s first round are still up and running and things are getting more serious by… Read More

Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 3 (Part 2/2)

Time for more stories about glorious battles and heroic deeds. Even more of our Tournament players sent in reports from the ongoing competition and we are happy to say, things are getting even more exciting.

Travian Kingdoms: The new chat system is here!

Good news, everyone! We gave our good-old chat system a complete overhaul and included a few new features.

Travian: Legends – Tournament Report Vol. 3 (Part 1/2)

The Euro 2016 is over but a far bigger Tournament is still ongoing: The Travian Tournament 2016 will decide who the best Travian players in the world are. We keep geeting reports from the involved players that show us,… Read More

Travian: Legends Tournament Report Vol.2 (Part 2/2)

…and we’re back! The nice players of our Tournament Groups D and E sent in their own reports and provide us with their insider perspective on the game.

Travian: Legends Tournament Report Vol.2 (Part 1/2)

Hey Travian Folks, It’s time for the next installment in our ongoing series of Travian Tournament Reports by our players themselves. After all, who but them can tell us what it is really like to be part of this… Read More

Travian Tournament Reporter – A different kind of summary…

Hi Travians, we just started with our little series of tournament reports and hope you like them as much as we do! Today we have a very special one for you. It is also from the first weeks… Read More

Travian Legends: Tournament Reporters Vol.1 (second part)

Here we go again. Today our players from the Brazil Server and the International Sever will tell us what has been happening so far in the ongoing Travian Tournament. First, a gripping tale from Brazil: