Travian Tournament 2016 – Interview with last year’s winner

The Travian Tournament is all about being the best of the best! We all know that it’s a long way to the top of the Travian leaderboards. One who went all the way is Vali. He is one of our winners from last year’s Travian Tournament. We met him to talk about his experience and what it takes to become a champion in Travian. Enjoy reading:

Hi Vali, How long have you been playing Travian?

I started playing Travian in 2006, when I played the first “” server. After this I continued to play 3x speed servers. I did this, because for me 3x servers are more interesting than normal servers and players show more activity there.

What brought you to Travian?

One night I was drinking beer with some guys, when I saw that one of my friends had a strange image on his laptop. I asked what it was and he told me that this was an online game, called Travian. It’s all about strategy and you require good communication skills with people. So I decided to play. That was the beginning of 9 years of Travian.

When did you first participate in a Travian Tournament?

My first Tournament was two servers ago, when we won the Wonder of the World race with Funcool. By that time I was the builder of that particular WW.

What’s, in your opinion, so special about the Tournament?

Mm… First I think you can meet the best Travian players and the strategists there. Also it is a big honor to play for your country and it gives you quite some thrills. 🙂

How do you prepare for such events?

I invite all the players, who have been with me since I started playing this game, to join me. Then I share with them my plans for this server. I was surprised to see so many players, so I made two alliances, “Dacia W” and “Dacia W1”, with somewhere around 100 players.

What do you think about the group server system?

For me the group system is OK. I feel that I’m playing the game like my national football team. 🙂 But mainly I feel that I play for something, this is the most important thing.

What was your best moment in the Tournament and what was the worst?

I really don’t know. I think my best moment was when I realized that nobody can stop the EU Confederation to win the final server. It felt so good to see that I helped my team to win the game.
Worst moment? Probably when I realized that the Arabs had a chance to win the server. They had good hammers as always, but this time a good defense in their Wonder of the World, too. Fortunately, we woke up in time and were able to deal some damage to their WW.

Can you give us 3 tips & tricks for people, who want to join the Tournament?

Increased activity, the desire to play and a lot of coffee! Three things required for the Tournament Finals! The rest comes naturally.

This was Vali’s interview about his way of playing and the Travian Tournament. Now it’s your turn: What is your experience with the Tournament? Do you play for the same reasons as Vali? Tell us in the comments 🙂

Here is the game.

Чемпионат Travian 2016 – Интервью с победителем прошлогоднего турнира

Чемпионат Travian всегда был местом, где определяются лучшие из лучших! Все мы знаем, какой путь приходится проделать, чтобы попасть к вершинам рейтингов Travian. Встречайте того, кто с успехом преодолел все преграды на пути к славе — Vali! Он один из победителей Чемпионата Travian прошлого года. Мы встретились с ним, чтобы поговорить об опыте и о том, что требуется от игрока, который твердо решил стать чемпионом Travian. Приятного чтения. (more…)

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