Travian Legends: Tournament Report Vol.1

The yearly Travian Tournament is in full swing and we have asked a couple of our participants to report back to us and report on what is happening inside the game. Today, we take our first look and let the players tell us, how things are going.


First of, a report from Turkey reminds us just how tough the Tournament is. Let’s hear it from Oyuncu Adı:StepMoM:

“Yesterday, around 2 o’clock had our leader Mücahid Erbakan a terrible accident. He was traveling to find some food for iftar (the breaking of the ramadan fast) for the hungry orphans of his Travian villages. Once they had enough food,it was time, to go home back. On the way back they had a terrible accident and they all died.The only one, who survived, was a little teuton. He wasn’t with others, because he had fallen asleep in the village. All the Neighboors are helping him now and they give him food. He is very sad and he has a message to other players: We need to play more carefully and not allow to make the others to orphans.”


The report from Poland is a little less metaphoric but very intruiging. Thanks to Aske who was kind enough to send in the following:

“15 days have passed since the start of the qualification B server, where we have Polish, Russian, Chilean and Romanian players. At the moment there are 8000 registered players on the sercer. It looks quite magnificent on the minimap. As you could guess, the gameplay is dominated by Russians. Two Russian mega-alliances Cerber and BAD  are on the top of the ranking. The Polish are a bit further down at 18th and 19th places in alliances TP and PLTeam. However, what demands attention is that PLTeam is the fourth alliance in terms of robbed resources and in attack ranking. It is an alliance to be reckoned with. In the lower quarters the danger for Polish is coming from alliances D&K and TPN T, which is also the number one in the attackers ranking. It promises to be a hard, but interesting rivalry 🙂
A small information for players who play without gold. Trade is very efficient, so you can easily earn silver to buy Plus features. Here’s what I managed to get so far:”

Thank you Aske, for this detailed report. It definetly sounds like this year’s Tournament is going to be one of the most competitive yet. In our second Tournament Report we will be hearing from Brazil and our International Server, so come back soon!

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  1. Thank you this was RELLY intresting to me. 🙂 More of these and I will jump right away to action

    Would be nice to know what there is happening in the servers and so

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