Travian: Legends – Get a clearer picture with the new report overview

A short while ago we released a new feature that makes your life in Travian: Legends easier: Clearer reports with numerous navigation options.

There is a report in Travian: Legends for each and every movement your troops and your enemies make. This can easily lead to a situation, where you can’t see important stuff in between all the scout reports. That is why we have tried to improve the overview of all that data. To give you a better overview of the battles fought, trades and scoutings, you can now not only search in reports directly, but also browse through different views with different tabs as well as use additional filters.

Search and navigate in tabs

The attack tab gives you all the information about your attacks and raids, the defense tab shows you incoming attacks, defended raid attempts and reinforcements. The scouting tab includes information about your own scoutings as well as those other players undertook against you. The “Miscellaneous” tab shows you mainly trade reports.
The surroundings tab informs you about things that are happening around you that do not however always affect you directly: Settling new villages, battles, conquered oases and raids.

Filters for a quicker overview

Within the tab, you can filter by the outcome of the event. This allows you to gain an additional insight, since you can see all the victorious battles, failed scouting attempts and adventure reports.

We hope this makes evaluating your reports much easier and more convenient. The new feature is already enabled and is just waiting to be tested by you. Enjoy!

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