Travian Tournament – Last Call

Polish your shields, wield your swords: The Travian Tournament 2016 is about to start! We are really looking forward to all the fights to come and hope you are excited as well. Here are the last pieces of informationen before the qualification round begins:

Register now

The first players on the server will have the best chances to have a successful start into the round. We care that you don’t miss the server on the 1st of June 2016 and offer a great service to you. Use the pre-registration feature for the server of your choice and make sure, that you don’t miss a second of the tournament.

Hints for the start

The Travian Tournament is probably the most competitive event in the Travian universe. To make sure you will have the most successful round as possible, here are some hints from our community managers:

1) “Travian is a game of war, but you can’t always make your troops do the talking. Diplomacy can be a far more powerful weapon.”

2) “Try to settle a second village as fast as possible. Concentrate on upgrading your resource fields, your daily quests and make sure to join an alliance early!”

3) “Avoid the troop training, while being under beginner’s protection. You have time for such things, later in the game. Instead use your resources to upgrade your village!”

If you have questions while playing Travian, feel free to contact your game world CM and we will help you out.

Use the Tournament homepage

You want to re-check the latest information about the tournament before it starts? Just look it up in [our blog] or, even better, visit our brand new Travian Tournament website. There you can find all information, such as the group server, the starting dates, the format and most of all, everything about the prize pool. This year, we will again give away cool prizes, worth around 20.000€.

We wish you all the best for the last preparations and get back to you, once the Travian Tournament started!

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  1. If I qualified in top attacker and i get 3000 gold price, this gold could be used in finals or not ?

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