Travian Tournament 2016 – Official announcement (video)

Assemble your troops, fine-tune your strategies and enter the battlefield! The Travian Tournament 2016 is about to start soon. Here is some exclusive information for you all.

Into the battle

The Travian Tournament may well be the most prestigious contest in all of the Travian universe. For years, the best players from around the world have been fighting for honor and glory. A new tournament will begin again this year, divided into two parts, namely the qualification and final rounds. All players are invited to take part in the qualification round. But only the best will enter the grand finale and fight for tournament victory.

Start in June

The doors to our qualification servers will open in June and the battles will be as fierce as ever. Besides the international servers, there will again be the famous “group servers”, on which multiple domains fight against each other. Which domain will be playing on which server is once again assigned by lot. We will soon draw lots for the group servers in a video!

  • Start of the qualification rounds from June 2016
  • Qualification servers (international + group servers)
  • The draw for the group servers will soon be available as a video on our YouTube channel
  • Everyone can take part in the qualification rounds
  • Hold your ground in the tournament and win amazing prizes

Interview with Ecki (game director of Travian: Legends)

One person who knows all about the Travian Tournament is Ecki. He is a Travian: Legends game director and gives you some information about the tournament itself and our plans for this year in the following video. Make sure to check it out:

More info

In the coming days, we will provide you with all information about server starts, duration, speed, pre-registration and so on. You will find it on the Travian blog as well. Don’t miss the group server draw and tell your allies about it!

Your Travian Team

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  1. I have players that haven’t got their activation code after registration. Where shall they write to get it?


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