Travian Tournament 2016 – Drawing of the group server (video)

The Travian Tournament is always special: It is probably the most competitive Travian event, the best players will join and we have a lot of cool prizes in the pot.What also makes it so special is the twist, we did to the server set up. In the tournament qualification you will be able to play on our special group server. Here, you will play together with different Travian domains, no matter where they’re from.

Who will play against whom?

No one knows until the time, the official drawing takes place!

This time is now! Watch Michaela and Martin from the Travian Team, as they will find out.

Use the groups to your advantage

With the different group server, you will be able to develop new strategies. Why not use different time zones for your advantage?!

To keep you fully informed, we will publish more information about the tournament soon. So keep an eye on the Travian Blog!

Now lean back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the drawing:


24 thoughts on “Travian Tournament 2016 – Drawing of the group server (video)

  1. if im not from any of the countries that have been drawed, to what server can i join?

    1. Hi Travianer,
      if your country was not part of the group server drawing, you can join either the “International” or “Arabia” server 🙂
      TG Team

  2. Do all the servers have all languages available? Do they all have english language? thanks

    1. Hi Buceta,
      The International has English, the arabia has Arabic and the group worlds have the group languages active (no English on the group worlds).


      1. Hey. Can’t you change the language in settings when you have started?
        Like always?

        1. Hi,
          on group server you can switch to the domain languages. International will be English language and Arabia will be Arabic language.


          1. Hey again. Yes I am stupid. But I do not understand. Last qualifications rounds I played on international. And I could change the language to Danish under settings in the game. This time I play group c. So can I change the language, when started, to Danish or English under settings?
            kind regards.

          2. Hi Thomas,
            First, we don’t think you are stupid 🙂
            If you want to play in Group C, you can change the language to one the group domain languages.
            On the International server, you can play in English language.

  3. if my country was not part of the group server drawing, i can join either the “International” or “Arabia” server 🙂
    However If my ally (other countries) was not part of the group server drawing, can he join group A to group D server but not international or Arabia server?

    by hugo234

    1. Hi Hugo,
      Which Qualification World you choose is total on your side, but keep in mind, there will only be the Group languages active.


  4. Can i use language not arabic in qualification round “Arabia”. Which language can use there?

    1. Hi Jac,
      The Arabic Qualification World will only have the Arabic language active.


  5. You can always use English in communication if you find someone that speak the language. Or use a translator – it works 🙂


  6. In the video you refers to the Tournament page for more information. It’s still 2015…

    But thanks for a nice video and an interesting interview 🙂


      1. Thank you!!

        I still have to complain though on how many from each server that will qualify 😉

        “Best 4,000 players / server” That is not true.

        “Q: I want to play in the Finals too! How can I qualify during the qualification round?
        A: If you want to receive an invitation for the Finals you need to be in the top 2,000 in the inhabitants ranking, in the top 1,000 in the offensive ranking or in the top 1,000 in the defensive ranking at the end of the qualification server. Additionally every player holding a Wonder of the World village will get an invitation for the Finals.”

        The important word is OR 😉

        The pop rank is the most important so 2000 from each server will qualify. When it comes to qualifying by off or def in total around 1200 will qualify – all servers counted. Because most of the players in def and off already have qualified by pop.


  7. So on International server only english language will be available right?
    And in group D only deutsch, portuguese, brazilian, latvian, estonian and lithuanian will be available right?

  8. is it bad to play TT 2016 on two servers???(cause i started to play on one but i want to go to Int).
    and 2 question is-should i play on my country’s TT Group server or i can choose another group or Int???

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