Travian Tournament 2016 – All details

It’s almost time: The Travian Tournament 2016 is opening its doors for the qualification round. Of course, we will provide you with all the details before it starts. Simply take a look at our overview:

A hot summer awaits

The start of the tournament qualification round this year is set for June 1st 2016*! The tournament hence starts around 4 weeks earlier than last year – so we can look forward to a hot summer!

The pre-registration round will open (May 25th 2016*) a week before the tournament starts. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to check your emails at that time or drop by our Facebook channel.

Additional information

  • 2x speed server
  • 3 days beginner’s protection
  • “Invite a friend” is deactivated on tournament servers
  • Gold transfer from the tournament servers to other servers is activated / Gold transfer to the tournament servers is deactivated
  • The new features “troop forwarding” and “troop merging” will not be activated
  • 2 international servers (COM and Arabia)
  • 4 group servers


(*Dates subject to change)

Make sure you don’t miss anything by continuing to check our blog and our other social media channels. We will keep you posted as soon as more information about the tournament becomes available.

So drum up your alliance, tell your friends and start making plans for June. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Your Travian Team 🙂

32 Comments on “Travian Tournament 2016 – All details

      • why I can’t play in any server of qualification in my own language as final of travian.
        i think you need to review spicily a lot of country not include in the 4 group

  1. “Gold transfer from the tournament servers to other servers is activated / Gold transfer to the tournament servers is deactivated”
    Why are transfer gold to the tournament servers deactivated?
    // A newbie

    • Hi Ivanithia,
      Goldtransfer to the Tournament Finals is deactivate to give everyone the same chances for the Finals start 🙂


        • You will play the normal Travian: Legends version, 2x speed.
          No special scenario, just pure Travian action 😉

      • Doesn’t give a fair advantage. These hardcore gold abusers who make it unfair to the world will just buy more. You want to make this game fair stop dual accounts. not everybody can find 12 players to buy and keep an account active 24/7. Its worse than multi accounting. At least multi accouters you can just find there farms and raid them too.

        I always end with a top ten army and a top 20 account but i have to have 4 duals at the least to keep up with these hardcore gold nuts. Its unfair. Back when travian first came out i got to finish worlds. Now i just pray i dont land next to one of these 12 dual accounts. As you cant dream to keep up with them when you got your second city and there already putting down there 5th. How is that fair?

  2. so there’s no USA or UK group servers? so we,that only understand english, can only play on the international server?

    • Hi Garrid,
      UK and US didn’t make it into this years group server.
      You can definitely play on the international server, which will be in English language.


  3. Well, I think everything is obvious

    but the message that sent to us on the arabian server said ..

    The new features “troop forwarding” and “troop merging” will be activated !!

    so we are confusing .. because if its going to be activate ,, I think most of the people won’t play this server ..

    so can you tell us what’s the true ,, is it what mentioned above or what sent to us .. ( sorry for my english ) ..

    • Hi,
      as we mentioned some weeks ago, those features will not be activated for the tournament. The CM will be informed.
      Sorry for the trouble 😉

  4. in Arab Travian forum deinziel admin
    say that The new features “troop forwarding” and “troop merging” will be activated
    سيتم تفعيل الميزتين الجديدتين “تمرير القوات” و“دمج القوات” في سيرفرات البطولة
    Who is the the correct


  5. How long will the server last? How long before WW stuff drops? When do artifacts drop? I assume artifacts will be normal WW style, correct?

    • Hi Colvin,
      1) How long will the server last?
      – Approx. 120 days

      2) How long before WW stuff drops?
      – Construction plans will drop on the 09.09.16

      3) When do artifacts drop?
      – Artifacts will drop on the 21.07.16

      4) I assume artifacts will be normal WW style, correct?
      – Artifacts will be normal Travian: Legends style

      Hope this could help 🙂

      • Thanks for your response. I thought server length was changed to 200 days on Legends, so this would be a 100 day server and 200 days of total gameplay for the entire game. Are you saying the tournament will be two 280 day rounds which total more than a year in gameplay?

        Wouldn’t that just make it the 2017 tournament since that’s when the winning will occur?

        Sorry, I’m just very confused by all this. I was under the impression the server would last much less time than this on a 2x speed server.

        • Hi,
          Natars will start to build the WW at 125 Days and will finish the WW at 175 Days. In the last qualification rounds, players were able to finish the Wonder of the World at about 120 Days of Gameplay.

  6. I was also wondering about the 280 days, a Tournament have never last so long. Not even when the Natars have won which has happen a couple of times.
    I would say max 150 days.


    • Hello Safiren,

      We’ll inform you as soon as possible. Just stay tuned on our Social Media 😉


  7. Have the invitations for the finals been sent or not yet ?
    I did not receive an invitation last year, despite meeting all qualification requirements, and I’m concerned this year the same might happen.
    To whom should I complain if I don’t get the invitation ?
    Thank you.

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