Decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging

Dear players,

first of all a big thank you to all of you who gave us valid feedback here on the blog and in your local forum. And a big thank you to all Community Managers and Moderators who collected the feedback in their forum, translated it and passed it to us!

We decided to postpone the final decision whether to add Troop Merge and Troop Forward to the Travian Legends version.

But we also decided on the next steps:

  • We’ve stopped the release of the “troop forwarding and troop merging”-features globally.
  • All Travian Legends servers starting in May and June will start with those features disabled.
  • The Tournament will also be without those features.
  • We want to give you (and us) the opportunity to test those features. Therefore we will setup special servers with “troop forwarding and troop merging” activated.
  • We will inform you in detail about the test servers in June.
  • We might use the feature in some form on “annual special”-servers as well. You gave us the hint that both features are working fine on SCE because of the different endgame setting. We will keep that in mind.

Community feedback does matter to us

We did read your feedback carefully and have seen that the majority active in the blogs and forums do not appreciate the changes at all. Many even claimed, that it is our mission to make Travian: Legends a place where they don’t want to play.

That indeed is not the case and I hope that the decision announced above proofs that we want to listen and that we do listen. I understand that our way announcing the “troop forwarding and merging”-feature was not ideal, and I hope we could make up for it with this series of posts.

The future

After next week we will keep you posted with details about this year’s tournament. You’ll hear in June again about the test servers for the “troop forwarding and troop merging”-features.
Till then, please feel invited to comment us here, which changes, adjustments or limitations you would like to see on those test servers.

Thank you for your patience and input. And for now – have fun playing the game.

12 Comments on “Decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging

  1. This is great news in many ways 🙂
    It both shows that you actually listen to what the dedicated plays say will work and what will not work, and we can play the next server without having to skip it.

    I do understand writing a code in PHP that allows you to merge the troops takes time and effort, and that is not something you would scrap just like that. One can only imagine the time you have spent debugging the code. Hopefully you will not let that affect your decision after testing is done, as players matter more than your pride in coding so to speak.

  2. This is a game to be played in spare time… 🙂

    I doubt many will use their spare time to test something they doesn’t think would be fun playing – So why make test servers?

  3. It seems to me that most of the complaints were about troop merging. It might be interesting to see how players feel about just adding forwarding to some servers.


  4. I came to Travian in its earliest days, from playing Real Time Strategy games and before that, strategy games play in turn. I’ve always thought that the weakest area in Travian is how it is so unrealistic, where an army cannot travel from where it has moved to and instead, must go home first – it is, frankly, silly. I therefore welcome the troop forwarding feature and maybe also that for merging.

    Yes, application of these features would change the character of Travian. Good, I also understand how those who are set in their ways don’t want radical change. I therefore suggest that Travian offers these features under a new name. That way, everyone gets what they want.

  5. i guess i’ve missed that feature intro, that’s why no idea how it was supposed to work. Pity. Although as long as there is such a terrible situation with mults on most of the servers, the feature of merging troops from several accs (i do hope it wasn’t the case and i’m just wrong) would be a disaster for all those who still try to play honestly against all odds.
    However, I would like to take part in testing servers if they don’t overlap with qualification/finals.

  6. Having played with both of these features I would say that troop forwarding worked great and makes perfect sense. If I sent reins to someone why shouldn’t they be able to forward them to someone else instead of sending them home first. The problem with the troop merging was that you could use gold to do it. When it was just resources it came out to the same cost as using GB/GS. I would not let cats and rams to be merged the same way you don’t let chiefs to be merged. You could also limit the amount of troops that can be merged in a day.

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