We listen!

Dear Community,

This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

we have noticed how you’ve reacted on today’s announcement. And we care about your arguments, your questions and your opinion.

We listen.

Today has been a busy day within the team serving Travian: Legends, in which we’ve read forum posts on several countries, blog comments and listened to your voice. To tell you the truth, we are very surprised by the feedback. We did many surveys since September and got feedback about the Alchemists Cauldron, Troop Merge and the Troop Forward features introduced in Scattered Empire. Besides the Alchemists Cauldron, the feedback we got from you was mostly positive.

We don’t want to post “just an answer” – we want to take the time to process the amount of feedback we’ve received. We need some time to separate the arguments and concerns from the trolling. We want to answer soon, to bring more context to the whole discussion.
We don’t know yet what to expect from the next days, but one thing is for sure: There is no rush needed. We will take the time and want to discuss with you as community of Travian: Legends the pros and cons of those two features.

We listen, especially on arguments.

So please keep up a discussion, stick to arguments, don’t get personal and expect various feedback from our side during the next days.

Best wishes,
Your Travian: Legends Team

3 Comments on “We listen!

  1. Bad advice for the natare good advide for the player

    Remember we are agree to pay in travian por example 40 $ per server.
    we dont care that but we need a competitive server not natare winning 90% of servers

    congratulations to be intelligents


  2. Thanks for listening, please take your time. The difference between Scattered Empire and Travian Legends is very big in the way you deply your units, and how you wage a war, SE you do war in a huge area, while in Travian Legends its the WW that is the main target. With a huge army, no one will ever be able to finish it, it will always be a natar win.

    That being said, I believe I am an average gold user, and I can understand your need for extra income, please ask us of ideas on how to generate greater income, there is alot of great ideas out there.

  3. The proposed changes are an obscene implementation of a feature which has been developed for a game which is a long way removed from that of traditional Travian. The troop relocation system seems to be an ill thought out addition to the Travian Legends game. It is a system that will simply enable those at the top with large amounts of spare cash to progress rapidly, and those at the bottom to become worthless and incapable of producing any reasonable army sizes.

    The entire point of the traditional Travian game servers is that everyone is given “equal” opportunities, whether they spend money on the game or not. You are proposing, with very little notice, to add a feature to the game without proper consultation and thought, you have not even begun to carry out the necessary due diligence on such a dramatic change to the game. To attempt to implement these new systems into the game without an open forum with current players is just silly, and to not do so it tantamount to signing the death warrant of your game in my opinion. I cannot find a single player who has been asked about these changes, whether they have played a scattered empire server or not.

    The dynamic of the game will change horrendously, it will become impossible to ever defend a WW with the potential gains in hammer sizes, and the reduction in defence numbers throughout the server as more defence will be lost to protect ‘super hammer’ villages. The usage of artefacts will change completely, the ability to chief hammers will be removed entirely, and the way accounts are played will change so dramatically that only a very small minority of the players will be able to succeed, and only those with a number of friends and fellow alliance members will be able to make any gains. You have entirely ignored the fact that the game is centred around a WW race, not a constant attack and defend system as in SE.

    You appear to be trying to implement the feature in the vain hope that it will increase revenues, or that it will make it easier for new players to get involved. Unfortunately from everything that I can possibly see it will simply make it easier for the experienced players to accelerate far ahead of the new ones and reduce the player base even further.

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