Travian Tournament 2015 – Results, Statistics and a look into the future!

The smoke is vanishing and the fighters leave the battlefield. The Travian Tournament 2015 is officially over. You have fought until the last man and clearly impressed us by doing so. Time for us to take a look back at the action!

It’s all about the qualification

Let’s look at the beginning of the tournament. In July 2015, we started the qualification server, which were separated into different country brackets. We drew the different brackets in a football style ceremony and had some great match-ups. Overall there were 18 different server to start with the tournament qualification.

1st April? – No joke

The final server opened in December 2015 and participants were not only those players, who qualified through the rounds before. Traditionally, we held the so called “Wildcard raffle”, where some lucky players could win their ticket to the finals.

Right from the start, there were no doubts: The fight was on! There was no defeat without resistance and you could really see, that only the best Travian players entered the battlefield.

The finals ended on April 1st, 2016 with a hard fought end game.

100.000 Population

Here are the winners of the top categories:

• Top alliance: Dacia W
• Top player by offense: kim
• Top player by defense: Crash&Burn
• Top player by population: رعد السماء

We were really impressed by the result of player “رعد السماء“. He managed to win the population ranking with the insane amount of 100.000! In comparison, the player “Alukard” in the second place, reached a population of 79.000.

Bevölkerung Statistik

All winners are not just rewarded with the fame and the title of winning the tournament. They can also be happy about their new tablet pcs, smartphones or gold voucher.

And what is ahead of us? We at Travian Games are already in preparations for the next qualification round of the 2016 tournament. You can be sure, that the next round will be as exciting as the last one. Once we have everything in place, you will the first to get the info.

Don’t miss any of the news and keep reading our Travian blog or our Facebook Page.

Thanks again to all participants and we’ll see us next time!

5 Comments on “Travian Tournament 2015 – Results, Statistics and a look into the future!

  1. Click bait if I’ve ever seen it. “A look into the future” and literally the only thing NOT in the past tense was “we’re working on it guys” just like you’ve been working on Kingdoms for 3 years…AND IT’S STILL IN BETA

  2. I played 2015 Qualification and Got Top-20 Position in Attackers and Defenders but only Got code of Qualification Hammer But no badge for Attacker and Defender. Don’t know what is the issue but my Friend who was #6 Attacker Got his Badge while I was #12 Attacker of Server.

    Any Help from Travian Team will be Appreciated.



  3. You only get the badge if you are in the top 10 and you can get multiple badges as long as you are in the top ten in those categories. I am waiting for news of 2016 Qualifications as well hence why I came here.

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