The second round of our successful birthday special Scattered Empire is over and we would like to thank you for all the feedback we received from you. We have now evaluated it with our team and would like to present you some of the results for the coming live servers:

The alchemist’s cauldron

We received both positive and negative feedback regarding the alchemist’s cauldron. One main point of criticism was that the cauldron gives too great an advantage to Gold players (for example with additional troops and resources) and that it’s pretty much down to luck what players can gain from using it.
We received positive feedback for example regarding the changes in balancing made for the individual prizes. With that, we also observed a greater approval rate for the alchemist’s cauldron.
However, in our surveys concerning the cauldron, negative feedback prevailed. We never hid the fact that we need to earn money. But, we have always made it clear that your opinion matters greatly to us.
We have therefore come to the decision not to use the alchemist’s cauldron on our future live servers.

Relocating troops

The option to relocate and forward troops was first introduced in Scattered Empire. Relocation allows you to selectively move soldiers from one village in your account to another village by sending all or parts of your army there as a “reinforcement” and then incorporating them into that village.

There are two small drawbacks though:
• Settlers, senators/chiefs/chieftains and the hero cannot be relocated.
• Relocating troops to another village costs you either resources or Gold, depending on your choice.

troop forwarding_picture

Forwarding troops

Troop forwarding was also first introduced in Travian: Scattered Empire. This feature allows you to forward your army to villages within your alliance. We believe this new method of defense facilitates communication between players and opens up new strategic options.

Both the relocating and forwarding of troops have been tested thoroughly by you and they were each highly welcomed by the community. We received more praise in our surveys than ever before for any other new feature!
We were also very happy with the development of these two features. Of course, we’re even happier to tell you that you will be able to use both features on all new servers from May onwards! More information will follow in due course on our Travian forum.

troop forwarding_picture_2

We’d like to thank our community for their valuable feedback and hope that you like the changes mentioned here. We’re looking forward to reading your opinions in the comments below!

If you can’t wait to start a round of Travian after reading this article, you can sign up here.


32 THOUGHTS ON “Travian: Legends – Lessons learned and new features from Scattered Empire!

  • – The alchemist’s cauldron –

    Great! Much appreciated!

    – Relocating troops –

    I like this feature.
    Just a little thing I wish you to think about: It shouldn’t be too easy to relocate troops into new chiefed or settled villages next to your enemy to hit him fast. In my opinion it should be restricted by the fact that you have to research the unit in a village before you can merge that kind of troops there. So you need to fulfill the more requirements the more dangerous the units are.
    It costs time and is fair towards the enemy by giving him a chance to react. Or in advance to do some precaution by cataing workshop and academy in close inactive or natar villages or even demolish it in own villages after work is done.

    – Forwarding troops –

    So upcoming com4 server will not have it? It starts on 29th of April.

    Thank you for your post, Anny.

  • Omg, this will totally change the endgame. And in SE there were no WWs. Lots of strategy to plan…
    Also com4 that starts on 29th, it will NOT have these features because it does not start in May? Or?

  • Can you please confirm that relocation and forwarding will be introduced exactly as on SE, no changes?

  • The start date for these features is unclear to me, so please tell if they will be applied to the upcoming ts4. Thanks.
    (I will join ts4 if they do apply, so I do not want to join, buy Gold Club and then find they are not available.)

  • This is genuinely the worst change i could possibly imagine being added to default servers. I have seen it in action on SE and found it ridiculous enough over there.

    Fact of the matter is, heavy golders will be taking full advantage of this change, no matter the cost; making low- or non-gold players irrelevant in comparison as even resource income already differs on such a large scale. It also creates a gigantic gap between offensive and defensive players, making it a considerable nerf to defense in general.

    It is pretty ironic that you say you won’t put in the Alchemist’s Cauldron due to the advantage it gives to golders, but seem to think its fine to add an even bigger game changer purely based on an even heavier gold usage. I, despite being a heavy gold user myself, will not be playing future servers with this feature added.

  • This change will be absolutely dreadful… The disparity between accounts will become much, much wider based on size alone now, especially farming.

    I don’t really know where to begin, but this will discourage players from making deff. Hammers will be able to clean out all deff in ww.

    Horrible change. This was the final nail in the coffin for me. And I say this as a player that would benefit maximum from this change, as I farm 400-450 mill/week on ukx, and make 45+ villages. I’m out.

  • If you put this changes on Travian Legends, I finally can leave the game.

    It´s a great advantage if you can relocate your troops with gold(=money). The sv never will end because WW can be destroyed all the time with gold
    In Scattered Empire hasn´t this problem because hasn´t WW

  • Wow, what an awful idea!! I’m surprised that there is no hate towards this idea like there is on the UK forums.

    If your going to implement the troop merging idea you may as well of left the cauldron in?

    You mentioned it gave to large an advantage to gold buyers – well so does this! Look at it! To move 700 swords it costs anyone without gold approximately 800k resources, but gold buyers just 20 gold. So already the gold buyers have the advantage, there you have it, early game has changed, artefact villages will probably spawn with larger defence making it harder for those without gold to take artefacts.

    What about end game though? WW’s don’t have enough defence in them as it is! If an offensive Teuton was to be dedicated enough they could now wipe the WW on there own. There is now no need for someone To build a rammer since one player could just build it in another village and merge it! I had a friend work out that a Teuton with around 40 villages could make 144k clubs a day, imagine if they were raiding, had a large trainer and we’re building TKs too! If I was defensive I would have left by this star, what’s the point in making defence if is garuanteed to be destroyed?

    Also this implementation makes it almost impossible to chief hammers now right? As long as they have gold they can move there hammer again and again? Yet those without gold (would probably be paying millions of even possible) just to move there hammer!

    I can go on and on and on about the worst idea Travian has ever made. But think/hope I’ve made my point.

    Someone on the uk forum said “the day Travian realises that all they need to do is drop gold prices is the day they will really earn money” they were right, More people will buy it if it’s cheaper, not if that’s the only way to play?! If it becomes he only way to have a ‘fair’ game then people may as well move to a different but similar game. I’ve played this game for eight years now, I’ve never wanted to change game so much, I might do once ukx is over.

    Ha and I thought the 25% building speed ft adverts was bad, this is bloody awful Hahahaha

  • I guess there will be an even higher demand for T3.6 now, this stupid update is gonna cause them more trouble than it’s worth ffs

  • So many negative comments again. All about gold.

    I like the feature itself – gold is another topic. For now I only play kingdoms server because there is much more action than on legends server. Not waiting for artifacts or wonders. Baby hammers have good effect as well. (Though it feels like players with skills go and play legends^^)

    I know several players who lost fun midth of legends server because he lost his hammer/s and had no possibility to recover it properly, sitting on an troop-empty account, having huge resource production income and no desire to change to defensive account. By this feature he is able to recover his offense.

    Sure, it is always not good to give unlimited strength to money in a game. So there is surely need to adjust balance.
    I want to try it, so I still wonder if upcoming com4 will have it or not?

  • Negative Aspect: Up to the 4.4 patch, the gold users had an advantage but it was not that much which could not be competed with time and skills. But right now, if the troop merging can be done through gold – that would mean you can buy troops/resources with gold. This gap cannot be closed through skills.
    While the gold users can train in 7 villages with the same amount of resources, those players that can’t afford that much gold will equivalently train in 3 villages and pay resources through merging troops. So my question is this, is Travian planning on becoming a luxury?

    Positive: It would’ve opened a tonne of new strategies – if and only if – merging could not have been done instantly through gold and was balanced for all by resources.

  • Just a couple things to rememeber:
    – Goldron and merge were introduced together on SE so TG gave up half of initial changes.
    – Regardless if we want it or not TG needs money to run the business.

    I think goldron is much much worse option than merge. No new strategies, not possible to estimate, no use to scout, completely blind game of money. I had my fight against goldron, I’m not fighting merge part.

    With that being said, I’m surprised that goldron is gone completely, Limiting it to 3 clicks a day would still bring decent money and would not cause that much outrage. I would prefer such limited goldron to constant fear of seeing someone’s hammer moved to a village next door in no time.

  • I believe I speak for the entire team when I say this, but I’ve played on the team that won both the AE round and recent scattered empire round on US, JoY/H&V. The vast majority of us saw troop forwarding and incorporation as considerable positive and overall a great new feature. For those complaining about this feature only being largely available to gold abusers, anyone with a decent cap was able to incorporate thousands of troops per day by mid-game. It’s a practical and realistic feature that adds to the strategic and tactical side of the game in a positive manner.

    P.S, Glad to see TG finally listening to their customers as opposed to their wallets and relieving future servers of the cauldron

  • I have written a comprehensive post on the forum with all the negative consequences this feature will have as an impact on an ordinary server that is not a special birthday server. For all who care to read it:

    And Zane: this will affect an ordinary server with traditional endgame way too negatively. On most speed servers, WW usually gets 3-5 million deff – with this change, hammers will easily get 5-10 million in size. How will anyone win?

    • So….. and alliance hardly manage to build more than 5M defense for WW but will have a player who manage to build and feed 10M hammer? Seriously?

      As for your analyses…. I have to force myself to finish reading it after opening paragraph insulted me and my teammates, but I did. There is way too many questionable statements to argue.

  • Are you serious? Now at least the only thing that matters is gold … I DONT SUPPORT!

  • Finally! If this “updates” will be implemented on qualifying/finals i will be very happy. After 8 years i will leave this game and probably a lot of Dacia players too (arabs will be very happy). Your greed will mean your FAILURE.

  • Thank you for hearing us TG.

    There will always be gold advantages. I would rather those advantages come only after months and months of play — which these changes do.

  • Good to see Travian being true to form and trying their hardest to drive people away…Well done, this feature has finally done it for me. Please keep these features for your mickey mouse one off servers

  • The very idea of allowing combining troops is against the travian as we know it. I think the forwarding deff part is good. But combining troops to make bigger hammers ruins servers as we know them. WWs wont stand a chance and even defending them will become almost irralevent. Its also a huge P2W feature. As players with deep pockets can use 1000$ on gold and same millions in resurces allowing them to make even more troops they can combine. 40k for 1 gold would set the current rate of resurces to 64000k/50€ (comx)
    Allowing them to basicly by resurces.(not as in getting new but as in saving)
    I know i wont be playing server with those features and i am “heavy gold user” who has spend 400€+ total on acco.

  • I’m really not looking forward to this update on future servers… I’m really hoping that this idea will get cancelled again or it will be like the old Rally Point feature, I’m sure some of us remember how horrible that was with a cap of 10 outgoing attacks per 1 lvl on the Rally Point.

    I do hope this feature will get rethinked as I can see more and more people is calling out and saying no, don’t f*ck this up even more by trying to pull in more profits. Otherwise I fear that the ongoing servers will be the last server for many. Its no secret that Trav is looking to make more money, every company is…

  • I used to be a fan of Travian, but it turned into a totally payment- and credit-based pay-to-win game so I’m losing my interest. I fear if this new troop merging/forwarding will be implemented into future servers, other players will lose their interest as well. Resulting in the current ongoing servers might end up being the last server for many of us old loyal players, that have been sticking around for an eternity.

    I think the whole idea of this concept should be tried out on 1 Legend server to serve as a test base instead of just implementing it into all the main Legend servers. Maybe even rework the idea and keep it to special occasion servers every now and then. Just because it received majority with positive feedback on the SE server does not mean it will be welcomed by us playing Legend servers at all.

    I do hope and beg Trav HQ to postpone these new troop features until there have at least been made sure it will become a feature that is accepted on Legend servers.

  • As a dedicated anvil builder, this means the end of Travian for me. What’s the point of my building a 1 mill. anvil which will be useless?

    No Travian, this is not good, it gives hammer builders far too much advantage. The whole idea sucks.

    Or are you trying to get rid of this game and move us on to your other ‘new’ games?

  • I found as main problem the fact that confederations are not well defined. No single ally can win the game: a confederation in needed.
    A confederation should have a panel with the chief, the generals, and the allyes that are part of it. The chief and other players allowed, should be able to send MC in the whole confederation. The diplomacy itself should be a confederation matter.
    Members of the winning confederation could get a medail: till now there is a grey zone of the winner supporters: have they really won the server?
    The game should end with a final battle: for instance the conquest of Rome. Instead of the winning points the confederation (not the ally) should get same military advantage useful for the final battle. (last server 19 finished after 150 days).

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Второй раунд нашего успешного особого сервера в честь дня рождения — Scattered Empire — уже завершен, и мы хотели бы поблагодарить вас за все отзывы, которые мы от вас получили. Мы с командой внимательным образом изучили ваши пожелания и хотели бы представить вам результаты на предстоящих новых раундах: Continue reading… “Travian: Legends перенимает лучшее и учится новым функциям у Scattered Empire!”


7 THOUGHTS ON “Travian: Legends перенимает лучшее и учится новым функциям у Scattered Empire!

  • спасибо. вы помогли мне наконец то завязать с этой игрой и более не тратить на вас золото. дерзайте дальше)

  • убожество какое то сделали, угробили игру

  • Ребят, мой средний бюджет на раунд – скромные 60Е, очень жаль, что они вам больше не нужны.

  • Отличные нововведения, обоими руками за. Лучше правил, чем на Scattered Empire, не видел. Отмените дурацкое чудо, дайте людям играть 200 дней с победой по очкам и со скоростью x2 и цены игре не будет.

  • Очень хорошее обновление.
    – Единственное, что возможно стоит сделать ограничение на максимальный размер объединения к примеру в 2000000 (2 миллиона по потреблению) юнитов по кропу.
    – Для дополнительного заработка не плохо было ввести дополнительные бонусы за голд.
    к примеру:
    – Платиновый клуб стоимость вступления 1000 голды +10 % к атаке и защите , действует в течении всего раунда ( как было в версии т2.5 и т3 к примеру, правда там было на неделю)
    – Бриллиантовый клуб стоимость вступления 10000 голды , за вами бронируется, какой то определенный никнейм + бонус 20% к атаке и защите на всех серверах травиана.
    С уважением Станислав

  • Лутше бы сделали обновление о башни которие можно строить на свободных кординатах для того чтоби видеть передвижение чужих войськ.Вот например поставил башню и те клетки которие вокруг ее, некоторым радиус видение и если по ним кто то идет, ты обезательно увидишь что примерно там идет. и на карте ета армия обозначалась как на шахматах какая то фигура например тура с? .И например посилаешь свою армию и ее можно увидеть на карте как будто по шахматной доске медлено ходит фигура пешка или король было бы прикольно.

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