Travian: Kingdoms: New building offers free mini games

Short waiting times are as much a part of Travian as Theutates Thunder is a part of a good Gaul army. Experienced players know that this time is best spent planning and communicating with their own alliance.

Besides you might use the odd minute here and there to keep yourself busy with our new building: In the coming weeks, you will be able to build the “Arcade Hall” in your villages – and all without taking up one of the important building spaces!

Alongside tables for card games (poker, black jack and for solo players: solitaire), you can also find pool and snooker tables. The strategists among you will also find a new challenge playing chess or checkers.

Of course, you can also play against your friends in Travian, enabling you to pass the time while discussing the next Travian: Kingdoms campaigns in the chat. Obviously, gambling or real-money stakes will not be possible and no in-game advantages are up for grabs either.

The Arcade Hall is meant to make your time in Travian: Kingdoms even more entertaining and offers yet another way of competing against your fellow players. In rankings of different categories you can watch your progress and set your personal records.

Maybe you can beat a rival who regularly takes resources from you at a game of chess in the Arcade Hall – what a wonderful feeling that would be!

37 Comments on “Travian: Kingdoms: New building offers free mini games

  1. Yes i would build it and play games while im waiting i think it would be sweet to play texas holdem while playing Travian

  2. Of course I think It would be nice 🙂 But first you should do something with the chat… It is so annoying this way… For example the secret society you can not add all the players of 2 kingdoms at once. You just need to write down the names and at once you can add only 5 names 😀 That is really lame. Also the conversation should be visible on mobile app. The same for sitting somebody – I cannot be a sitter on my phone… That is my review…

  3. WOW. Isn’t it ironic you got more outrage over the ACTUAL game changes you want to enact over your April Fool’s joke? Think on that, quite telling about your situation with your fans….

  4. nice game

    put after spending my money on the gold I became sad and angry I will never play it again until it became like facebood with out money to make me happy

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