This post is already out of date – we’ve announced our decision regarding Troop Forwarding and Merging here

you know this is more or less the first time, where we try to engage in such a direct way with you as community. Saying that, I want to thank you for your arguments and patience. We still need to sort and categorize all your input and I really want to be honest with you – I am not used to work this way, but I really like to make it work.

So for today I want to write down an overview of the arguments we’ve received. I also want to add my perspective on them and add some questions.

So, let’s start with an overview of arguments:

  • Hammers and World Wonder Killers can grow too big.
  • Hammers can be moved and surprise players.
  • The gold-spending-gap will increase heavily.

If your argument is missing, or I have written it down wrongly, please let me know in the comments.

Hammers and WWKs can grow too big

For that I’ve asked our Devs to give me the report with the most catapults on our Tournament Finals. From all the reports we still have, 19k catapults is the biggest one. I’ve put that into simulation to find out how many catapults would have been needed to destroy a level 99 WW to zero. In that particular constellation it was 91.500 catapults. Yes, such a hammer would be disastrous, so let’s see how much somebody needs to put in, to create this amount of catapults. First, resources: 273.585.000 to train the catapults. Now time: Assuming a player trains in 10 villages, he would need to train 9.150 catapults per village, which would need with workshop level 20 in total 64 days, 9 hours and 20 minutes. If I double the amount of villages involved, it’s still a month to go. And last but not least, the amount of Gold which needs to be involved: 14.334 Gold. I don’t see players doing that all the time, but I see that this will eventually happen.

Hammers can be moved and used to surprise players.

This argument concerns that hammers in future will be moved (and merged) in order to do some surprising attacks. While usually catapults are pretty slow, and so give some warning, this will shorten the warning time.

Still, however, the village needs to be there in the first place. So if you keep your surroundings clean of small enemy villages, you should be fine. It could be, that a player conquers a neutral village while already sending the reinforcement, so that it has even more camouflage. Yes, it is thinkable, and yes, it would allow them to place some hits. But for how long would such a hammer survive? You know when he has hit, you know where his way back is, you (hopefully) have some offensive troops as well. Just eradicate that small village.
As I’ve said yesterday, Travian: Legends is the more hardcore big brother of Travian: Kingdoms. Funny enough we’ve received complaints that Travian: Legends is not more hardcore than Travian: Kingdoms… And even if this would be true – the potential to hit others hard would bring the game a bit more hardcoreness.

The gold-spending-gap will increase heavily.

I guess every new monetization feature would increase the gold-spending-gap at least a bit. And with every gap there are two sides – as example: if we would lower the amount of resources needed to merge troops, the gap would be smaller… but that maybe is not a good thing either. What I want to ask is – is this discussion about gold usage in general, or is it bound to the merge feature?

What could solve these concerns?

Most of the current feedback we receive is pointing out the concerns players have. I want to proof that we are listening, and that we indeed do care. What I am looking for is: What changes would decrease your concerns or even remove them. We’ve asked our CMs to inform us about your suggestions.

I want to discuss your suggestions with the team, but as it is Friday, we will need some time for the next post. Also over the weekend we are not able to monitor your comments, but we will continue on Monday.

And again – thank you for your dedication and your patience.