Valentine’s Contest – Winner Announced!

It’s time to announce the winning love story for our Valentine’s Contest. 521 members of the worldwide Travian community casted their vote on which of the stories they felt to be the sweetest and most sentimental one.

And here are the results:
• Albina – Romeo and a ginger cat (224 votes)
• Ivana – Pancakes for a stolen village (195 votes)
• Billy – Ben and the Bear skin (102 votes).

Congratulations to Albina whose story made even the most ruthless Gaul swoon!

And here it is:
“Our story is not something truly romantic, I am afraid. But I must admit, that Travian has changed our lives. It is about 2 ordinary people, each with their own character, not too young, not too romantic and nothing close to Romeo and Juliet.

She had a child and was at the end of a relationship, he was rather reserved and hasn’t found his true love so far. And then it comes – Travian.
For a game, which is as time consuming as Travian, the people around you will become some kind of family to you after a while. You have some kind of relationship with them, even if you don’t know them in person. Where did our relationship start? I cannot pick a certain moment.

One day there was my scream, “Help! They are destroying my villages!” There was him on a white horse like a real Prince Charming, saying: “Don’t worry, no one will pass! I’ll defend you!” After that, there were many game worlds, where we helped and supported each other.

Finally after 2 years of playing Travian together, we met. The first meeting was followed by two years of traveling between cities, one year of persuading, a little wedding ceremony and an own house with a ginger cat.

Are we happy? Absolutely! And we kept playing Travian, which had changed our lives!”

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and voted. Make sure to visit the Valentine’s Contest blog post if you’d like to read more heart-warming stories!

Haven’t found your Valentine yet? Who knows, maybe you will find him or her in Travian.

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