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We’re going to revise the building queue in an upcoming update. The current version has turned out to be not all that user-friendly and, especially for new players, really hard to understand. We would therefore like to make the building queue simpler and easier to understand visually in order to improve its overall usability. In turn, we also see this process as an opportunity to tweak a few things with respect to the functionality itself.


As you can see on the design draft above (which might differ slightly from the final version in the game), in the queue at the bottom of the screen that’s now always visible, there is a very clear order of building slots from left to right. There is only one building slot for the construction that is currently in progress (the Romans will of course still have one slot for buildings and a separate one for resource fields). The other four, instead of the previous three, are building master slots to plan future constructions. The first one of those will be unlocked automatically when the game starts. That means that there is no longer a difference between building master slots and another preceding queue slot that has been payed for but not yet started. For new players in particular, this difference was unnecessarily hard to understand. In addition, researches do not appear at all in this part of the interface anymore since, after all, they don’t have a lot to do with the buildings. However, deconstructions will appear on the left side of the current building slot and are not simply hidden away in the main building any longer.


The functional changes we intend to apply particularly concern the immediate completion of constructions. With the update, this premium feature will now be applicable to individual buildings. Similarly, you will be able to immediately finish individual research projects within the respective building’s menu. Obviously, we will also adapt the pricing structure to accommodate these rule changes and guarantee fairness. All constructions and researches with a remaining duration of less than 5 minutes can be immediately finished for free. For longer endeavors, the price depends on the time remaining. Strategic flexibility, especially for players with a little less gold, will thereby also increase significantly.

All in all, we hope that our revision of the building queue will dramatically improve the accessibility of one of the game’s most important elements and, at the same time, provide a few more options for established players. Please tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Looks like this was all done to increase the price of NPC. Did you start with the individual NPC and then write the rest of this? Lol

    • There will always be a way to do well in the game without gold. Multiple people-per-account makes the cost of gold and its advantages less of an issue as well.

  2. An established player needs to see the total building time in a village at a glance, as well as the time to the next building being ready.


    Main building lvl 10 in 00:33:36
    Academy lvl 1 in 00:57:10

    So I know next time I have to be online is between 33 and 57 minutes to avoid any gaps in building time.

    Please don’t hide this info, it’s very much a core part of the game.

    • I couldn’t find a tumbs-up button so i’m writing this comment to agree :).
      The time is the most valuable aspect of the building que, to hide it certainly wouldn’t be the best of updates!

  3. Its horrible. Sorry.

    I liked the build queue where it was, and yes, it may have been a bit un-intuitive at first, but I really liked the pay now, build later bit for the second build slot. (3rd for Roman)

    Now I can’t check building progress from map view anymore. I have to zoom in to village or res view.

    Does spending gold to rush a building also finish research? I’m guessing not?
    If not, then this is a clear ploy to make us spend more money (If I’m wrong apologies)

    Please don’t release this onto my other servers…

    • Just to add onto my previous post. The screenshots above, show the new build queue on the map view.
      However this is not the case in the release which was deployed to the test server. The new build queue is NOT available on the map view.

      This is a good thing however, because if I’m on my android device and i go to the main site, the build queue is so ‘in the way’, that I can no longer access reports from the village or res views. I have to zoom out to map to access the report button.
      {This isn’t a problem on a pc of course}

  4. Don’t like it bring back the old building queue
    I know that you can speed it up with gold but the old queue was best and the new one at the bottom of the screen needs to be smaller or even hidden once a building is started
    Bring back the old one at least you could set two buildings at once and Romans got three two resource fields & one building or vice versa

  5. I don’t think this update is really necessary. People just got used to the current design – in my opinion it’s much more convenient to have the building queue hidden as it is now – it is easy to understand as well – even for new players (have two friends-newbees who found it easy to get started and didn’t have any problems with the interface design). Also, a huge panel for building queue will attract too much unnecessary attention of players – this might be especially a case for more experienced active players who want to get focused on farm etc. If u introduce a new rule for immediate construction system, it would be great if it is fare as u said – if we can immediately finish separate buildings it should cost less than 3 gold or it would be making any sense as it will even further increase the gap between people using a lot of gold and people using little. Hopefully the reason for this update is not the greediness as Hans suggested.

  6. Everything is useful but the location where it has been covering constructions built south of the village, is an uncomfortable position

  7. I like the general idea….but the change in gold price for instant finish?

    As a low budget player those are the only things I would instant finish….the building times that take extremely long. And now those are going to cost more gold? 😮


  9. In the current iteration, with Plus, I can finish up to two buildings at a time along with up to two researches (regardless of how long they take) at a time for 3 gold. So now it will be per building and per research with a price structure based on time? In the post you mention that this will be “better” for players who can’t necessarily afford a lot of gold. However, it really seems like a punishment for using gold and buying Plus. It now looks like I will have to pay twice as much or more to instantly complete my builds. Whether I want to use 3 gold to finish one building with a 2-hour construction time, or I want to use it to complete 2 buildings with a 10-hour construction time is completely up to me. You are taking away the ability for a player to place their own value on their own time by setting a time-based price structure.

    Perhaps instead of rewriting the code for how this works, you can actually spend a few hours making the Wiki less vague so new players can understand the way things are now.

  10. I don’t think it is adding any value to the game. Plus it takes away what we are used to from the beginning…. 2 buildings simultaneously for Gauls and Teutons and 3 for the Romans.

    I agree with earlier comments, though its visually aesthetic, it’s not a very good idea, especially for us old timers

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