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Love is in the air! Our Valentine’s contest commences and we got a lot of stories from you. They all were so good, that it was a hard decision to pick the three best ones. We took our time to select the best for you and now it’s your turn:

Choose your favorite story from the three ones below and crown the 2016 Travian Valentine! You can submit your vote until the 29th of February 2016. After that, we will present you the winner, here on the blog. Each story will get a prize but only the winner gets the 400 Gold and some flowers.

You can find the poll at the end of this blogpost.

Here are the three finalists! Enjoy reading:

1) Billy – Ben and the Bear Skin
There are these two people, Ben from the U.S and Cherry from U.K. Ben was a member of my alliance and about five years ago, he asked for a sitter. I knew that Cherry is always helpful, so I asked her to sit for him. She said yes and both started to have a Dual account.

Three years ago, Cherry told me that she was coming to the U.S to meet with Ben. Long story short – a couple of months later, Cherry informed me, that the both would marry each other. The wedding took place on Valentine’s Day 2014.

It was a complete Travian themed wedding: Cherry was dressed as a Roman female hero and Ben was dressed as Teuton. He also wore an original bear skin! I was dressed as Gaul Chief and attended as Bens Best Man. It was the craziest event I have ever attended, but it was a lot of fun!

2) Ivana – Pancakes for a stolen village
In 2009 I started my first round of Travian. At the beginning I was not sure to play either offensive or defensive, so I did both. I played in a small and rather inexperienced alliance and we decided to get to know us a bit better. Therefore we met up in reality to have some pancakes and talk about the game.

We also invited some more experienced players, to teach us about Travian. One guy came with his friend, which I hadn’t seen before. They showed up as the last persons at my “pancake party”. After I introduced myself, his first words were: “Oh, so you are the lady who took my village. I just came to meet my enemy.”

We started talking to each other the whole evening and one week later we became a couple. After 5 years of living together we got married and to crown our relationship, a little Headuan baby was born!

Today, when we are telling our love story to others, he always jokes and tells everyone that I stole his village and as payback he stole my heart.

3) Albina – Romeo and a ginger cat
Our story is not something truly romantic, I am afraid. But I must admit, that Travian has changed our lives. It is about 2 ordinary people, each with their own character, not too young, not too romantic and nothing close to Romeo and Juliet.

She had a child and was at the end of a relationship, he was rather reserved and hasn’t found his true love so far. And then it comes – Travian.

For a game, which is as time consuming as Travian, the people around you will become some kind of family to you after a while. You have some kind of relationship with them, even if you don’t know them in person. Where did our relationship start? I cannot pick a certain moment.

One day there was my scream, “Help! They are destroying my villages!” There was him on a white horse like a real Prince Charming, saying: “Don’t worry, no one will pass! I’ll defend you!” After that, there were many game worlds, where we helped and supported each other.

Finally after 2 years of playing Travian together, we met. The first meeting was followed by two years of traveling between cities, one year of persuading, a little wedding ceremony and an own house with a ginger cat.

Are we happy? Absolutely! And we kept playing Travian, which had changed our lives!

Vote now!

What is your favourite Travian Love Story?

  • 3) Albina - Romeo and a ginger cat (43%, 224 Votes)
  • 2) Ivana - Pancakes for a stolen village (37%, 195 Votes)
  • 1) Billy - Ben and the Bear skin (20%, 102 Votes)

Total Voters: 521

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17 Comments on “Valentine’s Contest – Vote Now!

    • Yes
      I have a great deal of Pictures, Our friends did not mention that even The Preacher showed up in Gaul Buckskins. That was the hard Part. Convincing The Preacher to wear Buckskins instead of his suit. 😀 Please email me and I will be happy to share the Love with all.
      I live deep within The Ozark Mountains, so the skins we needed were easy to come by

    • Might I also mention that the reception was also totally travian, just raw cows milk for some and slow roasted venison from my freezer:D
      all condiments to the dinner had to be available to gauls in 1700.
      I provided Homeade eldeberry and Strawberry wine and Moonshine whisky,which I verified the Irish gauls had in the 1700s

  1. Sorry for posting this so late on the end of the contest, but it slipped my mind, hope you enjoy.

    It all started in one of the regular servers of Travian (we can’t remember which one precisely, perhaps server 1), we were both friends of the same clan. The clan’s leader kassandra (Adi), made Ella and Itamar’s partner talk between them regarding attacks on clan members, Itamar was a silent partner and the account itself belonged to his friend (Ofek).
    Every once in awhile Itamar would accidentally read one of the PM’s sent to his partner by Ella and each time it happened he sent an apology back and asked her to resend it, after that he returned to his quiet cave, he wouldn’t even reveal his name to anyone besides his partner. As time passed and the number of messages multiplied, Itamar slowly started to talk more and later on to talk about himself and his life. From there it progressed into exchanging phone numbers and the messages sent and received through Travian turned into sms’s. We bonded pretty fast and messaged each other all day almost every day (except Saturday because Ella was religious and she couldn’t defile shabath). With time we also came up with nicknames for each other, still as friends. We even came up with our own production line following up with our nicknames (it included alarm clocks, characters with our personality etc[Basically a game in which you play with both of our characters using teamwork and cooperation to fight side alongside and defeat the oppression of the world]). At some point Itamar called Ella when some of his messages didn’t get responses and he felt lonely. He was overwhelmed by the voice that he suddenly heard and was certain that the person he exchanged words with all this time was a fictional character she made up and that she herself is a much older woman pretending to be the person he believed she was (Because she had a tiny kind of silent voice he was sure it’s a voice she had made up for that fictional character[also because he was used to having bad luck and running into bad people it just made sense to him]). After it became clear she was who she claimed to be Itamar felt disgusted by his behavior and said with certainty that she can’t be who she claimed to be because it felt too perfect and convenient for him to be real.
    Eventually after almost 5 months since the first message was sent between them and after a lot of consultations Itamar confessed that he had feelings towards her and asked her out on a date to which he immediately repent because he’d never done that before (not with real intent and feelings at least) and started counting reasons to why they should not be dating. Ella convinced him that nothing bad can come out of it and they can at least try. He asked to think about it and after a whole day passed he came to the conclusion that there’s no possible way the universe might toy with him more then he already did and agreed that they’d go out, he thought to himself that he deserves something good too and that something good might just be her.
    After more checking and convincing they decided to meet in Tel Aviv, a place crowded enough and central enough, for easier transportation and also to be safe and make sure the other person on the internet is real.
    So there we were, two shy individuals face to face both shy yet with a smile.
    We grabbed each others hand and started walking, slowly getting comfortable with each others presence.
    While walking Itamar decided to take a cab to the beach and find a quiet place where they could be alone with each other.
    Already in the cab Itamar couldn’t resist being happy and kissed Ella carefuly on her lips their first kiss which helped break the ice a little.
    In the beach we layed down one next to another listening the the relaxing sounds of the ocean with some music, enjoying each others company.
    On the way back we held hands again and walked alongside the beach near the restraunts which played different songs.
    At some point Itamar joined in on one of the songs that was played by a restraunt they were walking by and sang “Is this love is this love is this love”.
    So we continued together until we reached Ella’s bus stop at which we parted with a goodnight’s kiss acompanied by a wonderful evening.
    Almost 4 years have passed since then and we continue to see each other as much as we can with our distance from one another and keep falling in love more and more with each passing day, having arguments here and there and taking breaks but always coming back like any healthy relationship and dealing with everything together, looking forward to getting married, raising a family, and facing more of the good and the bad stuff life has to offer us side along side.

    (I apologize if this was confusing to read at some points, me and Ella were asked to write our love story to the manager of the Israel community for something so we wrote it together at my house and so the story may be confusing from the view of the story teller [and after writing it in hebrew we were told he needs to translate it to english so I offered to translate it, gave up at 90% and made the admin translate the remaining 10%, he was bussy lately so I waited for a response and now I decided to translate the remaining 10% for you guys])

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