Travian: Legends – the new video feature

Being able to shorten construction times in Travian! That most likely is a wish right at the top of the list of every player. With the “video feature” we may have just the right thing for you. It will allow players to watch advertisement videos in-game and in return they will be able to start a building upgrade with a reduced construction time.

It looks like this: In the past there was only one button: “Upgrade this building”. In the future there will be another button: “Upgrade this building faster”. If the player clicks on it, a video showing an advertisement will pop up. Afterwards the building will appear in the construction loop with a reduced construction time.

Each player can use this feature up to 9 times a day. The construction time is shortened by 25% per video per building. Once a building is in the construction loop, the time can no longer be shortened, apart from the standard Gold account button “Finish immediately”.
The feature was implemented to allow players, who so far have not spent any money on Travian and who don’t plan on doing so, the option to use premium advantages without the need to pay.

Currently the video feature is only available for the construction of buildings or their upgrades. The feature does not apply for troop training and so on.

You can view small ads from different providers.

There is no way to abuse this feature, since it doesn’t really affect the overall balancing of Travian: Legends. While buildings may now be completed faster, the “Finish immediately” feature has always been part of the game. Hence there is no big difference to a game without the video feature.

In order to use this feature, you do however have to make sure you disable your ad blocker, as otherwise it will not work. Once you have clicked on the video and selected the feature, the video cannot be skipped. Other similar features are not currently planned. But never say never. It always also depends on how you, the community, think about it.

The new feature will launch in the coming weeks. Of course you can tell us already what you think of this feature.

Kind regards,
your Travian: Legends Team.

12 Comments on “Travian: Legends – the new video feature

  1. Wait… So you throw the cauldron on us on Travian Legends because Travian Kingdoms has sucked so much of your $ away and not given ANY return on investment. Your revenue is dying out so you throw the cauldron to save the game…. Yada yada. I get it.

    But then you throw this at us to? It’s really insulting at this point. I’d GLADLY take the ads over the cauldron any day. I would take sidebar ads 24/7 over the cauldron with no benefit of seeing the ads.

    I also love how you just sent out an email to people about the new SE server and in the features you conveniently leave out the Cauldron.

    You have to know it’s a terrible addition at this point. Just admit it.

    • Interesting point of view, Depressed. A bit too much trolling, but still… 🙂
      Judging by the passionate tone of your comment, I assume you are an experienced Travian player. Therefore, I also assume that you are well aware that the game always offered several functions and features which are optional for the players. Some players don’t want, or don’t know how, or even don’t know about them. Discovering and using them is part of the charm in a strategy game. 😉
      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I am sure you still have a lot of choices in the game and for sure also the ability to choose wisely.
      Have fun!

  2. I get it, I troll too hard. I can’t help it. It’s due to frustration and lack of discipline. I used to hand out the quiet and respectable remark here and there — and the game kept getting worse.

    So now, I’m just being an attention whore in hopes that someone will even respond. Because I believe, truly, that it’s impossible to rationally respond to these criticisms (from TG’s end) without acknowledging the player base decimation to come.

    To be clear, I don’t mind the ads. I mind the ads without removing the cauldron. There’s no charm or cute strategy you can pull on someone when they have unlimited troop rebuilds at their fingertips. Period. I want TG to be rich as sin — just by volume instead of margin.

  3. I get the frustration with the cauldron. Still, there are some limitations to it (see forum) so that gold (ab)users cannot really have a massive impact on the game itself, it just adds some surprises. From my experience I can say that using the premium options will never make up for lack of strategy, of game knowledge or dedication & determination. 🙂 Even as a non-gold users, good players can come out on top at the end – this I truly believe, it happens already.

    Regarding the ads: it’s great to have building time reduced by 30 min or more without using gold, only by watching/activating 20-30 seconds of ads.

    • After the first month or so, troop build time is all that matters. If I can instantly build a 50k hammer just because you have more gold than me, then the game is majorly broken. And 50k is relatively cheap.

  4. This post indeed came out too earlier – April 1st is weeks away. Thanks, my day started with little laugh and amusement.

    First, opening picture. 95 hours of BP yet 80K warehouse and granary, both full, and building stable l10. Is this how you test new features? No wonder you don’t know how they work in real game.
    The game environment is Scattered Empire, with goldron. The post announces change in Travian:Legends. Is it safe to assume the SE with goldron will be the main environment in the future? Please answer, I really, really want to know if there is still hope or I should concentrate on finding new entertainment.
    Second, nominating discovery of unannounced goldron as a “the charm in a strategy game” left me speechless. Rare feeling. Priceless.
    Lastly, calling 70K army rebuilt in 5 days “some surprise” made me wonder if we play the same game. On side note, why you think people who have ability to spend a lot of gold lack game skills and determination?

    P.S. I too will take new feature over goldron any time. Introducing it on the top of goldron is just an insult.

  5. Continuing to set dangerous precedents. I wonder how long before Travian will become a Clash of Clans franchise, 1 month, a year?

  6. Please let us mute the music on the videos. It’s not essential to the ad and can disturb others when using computers in public places. (I know the computer itself has a volume control, but putting one on the video player would be easy and direct.)

  7. The Travian is not good …. I’ve been robbed by Travian br … Punished without valid justification … denounced the case the German headquarters no one answered me .. not respect their players …. Travian just like them money .. .

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