Love is in the air – Valentine’s Day contest

Do you know of any couples that found each other in Travian? Do you have any friends that met in the game? Tell us your story for Travian Valentine’s Day and win amazing prizes. The best story will be rewarded with 400 Gold for a Travian game of your choice.

All you have to do is: Send us your stories or those of your friends to by Saturday, February 20th 2016. From among all the entries, we will choose three finalists who we will introduce in a video. Then you can select your favorite from these three entries. Besides the Gold, the winner will also receive a bouquet of flowers that they can give to their loved one!

Find here the terms and conditions.

How cool is that for such a wonderful day like Valentine’s Day?

Take part and tell us your stories! <3

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  1. A decade ago my sister and I played travian for a while and where inclosed by the alliance of ‘the Family’, a wild assortment of players, young and old playing and having fun together.
    This alliance actually won the server!

    It came to my attention that my sister and the leader of the alliance became ‘more’than just friends and eventually made and appointment to meet eachother in real life.
    I was shocked and angry because the alliance leader was al lot ( and I mean a lot!!) younger than my sister,so I didn’t understand this action.
    They have met and believe it or not… it worked…, it worked so well that they became a couple and as of this day , they are married and have two beautifull children.
    Didn’t in a million years believe travian would be the starter for such a romance!

  2. I cannot give true Names, so let’s just say that this is Ben and Jerrie, But about five years ago a Member of My alliance asked for a sitter. Ben is from Eastern USA and Jerrie from UK was always very helpful to me so I asked Her if she would sit for him. She soon began to dual with Ben. Three years ago Jerrie told me she was coming to the U.S.A to meet Ben. Four Months later Jerrie happily informed me they would be Married Valentines day 2014. The wedding was all travian themed. Jerrie was dressed as a Roman Female Hero and Ben Came as a Teuton Mace Man complete with a Bear skin supplied by me. I had to even supply Gaulic Buck skins for the Preacher. I might add the Preach presented doubts about the buck skins. Last but not least I appeared as a Gaul Chief in proper attire as Ben’s Best Man.
    Strangest event I ever attended. But we all had a Great time. Between rounds of course

  3. In 2009 I just played my first travian server and started the second one. Still couldn’t decide am I going to be offensive or deffensive so I played both sides – deffending myself and taking villages around me.
    But I was not happy in this big aliance I was in, so we started a small aliance with inexperienced players.
    And we started to hang out on skype and decided to meet in reality – hanging out, making some pancakes. learning the strategy from more experienced players that we called to hang out with us.
    There was this huge offer that I knew off and he said he will come with a friend to explain us how the natars are working.
    The two of them came as last people on this pancake party and I didn’t know who this second guy was.
    When we introduced ourselves his first words were – O, so you are the lady who took my village. I just came to meet my enemy.
    And we started to talk…. word by word we ended up the last people on this party and ended up in relationship after one week, living together after two weeks and in marriage after 5 years with one little headuan baby as the crown in our relationship.
    Today – I’m still playing travian. He stopped. He is playing more demanding games at the moment.
    When we are telling our friend our love story he always jokes – he tells everyone that I stole his village and as payback he stole my heart.


    He was my dry cleaner. I was his fussiest customer. Each time he greeted me with his warm smile and southern hospitality charm my heart sank, thinking, “What a phenomenal husband he’d be!” He made me feel special.

    It was November. I was moving away and suggested he get in touch with me if he was ever in Newport Beach. Immediately to my new apartment came his letter with a phone number to call.

    We had our first date in Laguna Beach’s famous seafood restaurant. Returning to my apartment, we sat and talked together without even one kiss until 3 a.m. Before he left, he surprised me by walking to my closet, placing all my clothing in his arms, to gift me with “dry cleaning.”

    It was December. I was off to Mexico on a week’s cruise. Each night at sea, a long distance phone call came in to greet me from him. It was during a New Year’s Eve party at his home in the hills of La Habra, we shared our love.

    It was in January upon returning home from a day’s driving trip to Ensenada, Mexico, that I was presented a ring of sparkling diamonds and told, “Here’s a little trinket for you.”

    That year on the longest night in December we were married in front of his fireplace at home and have remained faithful best friends for 38 years.

  5. puppy love

    There was this crush I had in my school , she was beautiful and lovely , I was that silent kid in school who would sit in one place silently and mind my own business , I had this crush for her but , had no courage to express my feelings out to her , we were 16 back then , all i knew was she loved playing games , stratergic ones , I played travian too , this was in the aux server 8 years back

    our alliance F.B.S.C+ , I was just a member there playing offense , when i chiefed a new village , i named it “Veronica4lyf”

    after a few days i get a text from one of the enemy alliance member (alliance was REBELS )

    “hey , Messiah , are you “Josh” from the st.marys school?”

    I was quiet shocked , how come an enemy opponent know me ? infact , the person named me right and the school i study in

    I replied

    “Yes , It is josh , may I know who is this?”

    “LAWWL Josh?? , is that really you , LOOOL , I cannot believe it , I always had a doubt when i see the Ign scribbled on desks “Messiah FTW” “fear the Messiah” etc etc lines , I once saw that on your notebook too , nice to know you play travian though , i thought you played only online multiplayer games like AOE”

    I was quiet happy , finally i got a platform to start my convo with my crush , a simple , quiet , shy , mysterious guy like me needed help to talk to his crush somehow , and I got the chance , I would strike it

    Next day we met in the canteen and talked about basic stratergies , I shared mine and she shared her strats on basic raiding / basic simming strats , although we did not share any of our alliance strats , but there was this one time where she asked my help to counter attack one of his enemy , which I accepted to help her out , she was quiet happy to watch her enemy get razed down , we enjoyed playing together and in the end , we signed a confed between FBSC+ and REBELS , which was a very good sign for us , we defended each other , fought together , won together as a team , and this gave a green signal to our relationship

    Travian is the reason why our understanding for each other became strong infact travian is the reason why we are together now , I am happy for this , we both are playing as duals in a server too 🙂

    I would say , not just travian , any game can connect two gamers forever , gamer love is one such love nobody would understand unless or until they fall in love with a gamer 🙂

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