Valentine’s Contest – Vote Now!

Love is in the air! Our Valentine’s contest commences and we got a lot of stories from you. They all were so good, that it was a hard decision to pick the three best ones. We took our… Read More

Travian: Legends – the new video feature

Being able to shorten construction times in Travian! That most likely is a wish right at the top of the list of every player. With the “video feature” we may have just the right thing for you. It… Read More

Love is in the air – Valentine’s Day contest

Do you know of any couples that found each other in Travian? Do you have any friends that met in the game? Tell us your story for Travian Valentine’s Day and win amazing prizes. The best story will… Read More

Conditions of participation for the “Valentine’s” contest

Travian Games GmbH (called “TRAVIAN GAMES” hereafter) is carrying out a contest for Valentine’s day. Participation in the contest and the prize draw is subject to the following conditions:

Well-known sayings: Money doesn’t stink – Pecunia non olet

“Money doesn’t stink” – Gold is (at least for humans) odorless, so goes the platitude. But how exactly did this saying come about?