Colorblind Feature

The colorblind feature is an in-game improvement created for colorblind people. This means it’s for people who have difficulty seeing colors like others do.

Colorblindness takes many different forms. The word “colorblindness” also tends to be a bit irritating, because there is only one type where you can’t actually see any colors at all, except differentiate between light and dark. The most common type is red-green colorblindness (deuteranopia = green blindness, or protanopia = red blindness), where you can’t differentiate between red and green, or even purple, orange and some kinds of yellow. Consequently, most of the colors look the same. Tritanopia, a blue-yellow colorblindness, is relatively rare.

The following illustration will show you some examples:

An average of 5% of all people are affected. So, of course, there are also a lot of gamers who are colorblind. Unfortunately, colorblindness doesn’t play a meaningful role, when it comes to game development. Games can therefore not always be fun for colorblind gamers, especially when playing a game where colors are important. One popular example of how it’s done right is the game “Battlefield 3”. In the game, squad mates are marked with green and enemies are marked with red. But how can you distinguish between enemies and squad mates, if you can’t distinguish these two colors? They fixed this problem by implementing a colorblind feature:

In our case, colorblindness affects thousands of our monthly users in Travian: Legends. We therefore think it’s a good reason to implement such a feature for Travian, so that we can help those people and increase the amount of fun they have. If you want to know more about colorblindness and the improvements we made for Travian: Legends, we have prepared an interesting interview for you.

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