Scattered Empire – A new round‏

Scattered Empire was our birthday special last year. This year the special will begin a second round. Read all the information here.

Kingdoms: Relocation

It’s a question of luck whether you get to have a good king when you start your game as a governor, or vice versa, whether you get to have good governors when you start as a king. If… Read More

Colorblind Feature

The colorblind feature is an in-game improvement created for colorblind people. This means it’s for people who have difficulty seeing colors like others do.

Roman baths

An important part of Roman civilization were the “thermal baths”. No Roman city within the empire could do without a public bath. The often huge constructions usually had many rooms and buildings, all serving different purposes: Swimming pools,… Read More

The Travian: Kingdoms Spreadshirt shop

Clothes make kings. We have channeled our creativity over recent weeks and have some goods news for you: From now on there is an official Travian: Kingdoms merchandise shop! In cooperation with Spreadshirt we have set up a… Read More