Invite your friends and win!

Hello Travians,

There is a new contest for you. The “Tell a friend” contest! Here’s how it works: Invite your friends to play Travian: Kingdoms between December 14th 2015 and January 4th 2016 and get your hands on some rewards! Each player will benefit from their active friends, for example by means of a Gold bonus.

There are awesome prizes to be won, too! Each week, we will give out 100 Gold to one lucky participant on our Travian: Kingdoms Facebook page. The more friends you invite, the greater your chance of winning the first prize. And it really is amazing: Win one of two premium Nexus-9 tablets at the end of the contest.

More information and the terms of participation can be found here.

So just invite your friends and win big. Sounds easy, right?

Fingers crossed and we wish you lots of fun with Travian: Kingdoms!

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6 Comments on “Invite your friends and win!

  1. I realize this is not the appropriate place to say this, but I wanted to try to get the message along! Please forward to the guys overseeing Legends!

    The Scattered Empire has reignited the love for Travian for many old players. Currently my alliance is DOMINATING a scattered empire server and we all considered this to be our last server; however, I keep hearing people say that if the tournament servers were SE, they would all play the tournament server. Putting SE on a tournament server would be so awesome!!! We love the troop forwarding and merging. I have heard nothing but GREAT reviews from the guys who usually cry about how good the “old days of T3” were. THIS is for your real fan base.

    It’s so much fun, please hear our request!

    • Hello Gopher,

      thanks for your Feedback. I’ve sent it to the responsible Game-Designer.

      We’re always thankful for feedback. And in this case it’s really positive feedback which is nice to hear.

      Thanks and Greetings

  2. Win one of two premium Nexus-9 tablets at the end of the contest.

    Does that mean that you and the friend invited win both one, or do 2 different people that invited friends win a tablet?


    • Heyho Dex,

      there are only two Nexus9 Tablets in the contest to win. So all participants, have the same chance to win a Nexus9 Tablet.

      May this help you 😉


  3. Hi to Travian staff! In 2016 do we have any chance to play on a T3.6 server? T3.6 is the best version, the real travian..

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