Achievements are a staple of every platform in today’s gaming world. Being special tasks in addition to the actual gameplay, they motivate players to stick to a game, get better at it and sometimes even experiment with unusual styles of gaming.


In the near future, Travian: Kingdoms will also include dozens of achievements. In most cases they come in five levels, which are directly visible in the form of a special frame around the specific achievement icon. In the above screenshot for example, all the levels of an achievement are shown that challenge the player to complete a certain number of building upgrades. While the wooden first level just requires ten of those upgrades, the final golden level takes 10,000. And it goes without saying, the higher levels make for an especially impressive player profile.


Besides those achievements that primarily require continuous activity in the game, there are also distinctly skill-based tasks such as reaching the “200 population” milestone in as few days as possible. Your previous personal best is saved and shown in the achievement overview in the lobby, as seen in the following screenshot. This view also allows the player to collect rewards for each completed achievement level in the form of prestige points.


On top of that there are special achievements for finishing and winning servers, as well as hidden achievements for especially ambitious players. These achievements only have one level and are worth a lot of prestige points. For instance, what kind of challenge might the following icon represent?


Have fun collecting and discovering all the achievements available soon in Travian: Kingdoms!


Достижения – это скрепляющие скобы любой платформы в сегодняшнем мире игр. Те или иные задания, которые даются в дополнение к игровому процессу, мотивируют игроков оставаться в игре, совершенствовать свои навыки и иногда даже экспериментировать, пытаясь найти какие-то неизведанные способы достижения результата. (more…)

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  1. Hello,

    “For instance, what kind of challenge might the following icon represent?”

    I’d say … “capturing a certain amount of elephants” ?



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  1. а у кого уже здания прокачаны до 20 уровня тому как быть? прокачивать их до 10000 по новому?

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