A new communication system in Travian: Kingdoms

The whole communication system is currently being revised in Travian: Kingdoms. The primary goal here is to make it easier for a player to get all the information relevant to them, particularly as a lot of information is only “hot” for a short time, for example sending reinforcements. There is also information that is only relevant in a certain region, like reserving a spot on the map.

In order to make this happen, we will introduce “field messages” in the game. As a player you can leave messages on a field. The recipient can be multiple players, your kingdom, the alliance or a secret society.

On top of that, there will be automatically generated messages that inform you about changes on the map. Should these messages hinder your view of the map, they can easily be minimized or deleted. Via the “settings”, you can also select that such messages are always minimized by default. The messages are removed automatically after 24h.


The following automatic messages are planned:
– New village founded
– Level-up to city
– Conquered by player XY
– Treasury activated/deactivated
– Joined/left kingdom
– Village destroyed
– Village disappeared (e.g. deletion)
– Battles

What do you think of the field messages? Let us know your ideas.

7 Comments on “A new communication system in Travian: Kingdoms

  1. can you erased the battle report? i dont like keep getting scouted after battle.
    and it will be more difficult getting farm loot because, after i clear a certain vill.
    another player will just send scout and follow raiding.
    i lost troop and its another player who take the resource

    sorry for my bad english

  2. I see your concern here. Besides the fact, that this information is already available for the attacked alliance and other people can’t see if the attacker or the defender lost the troops, it might attract others to raid the village aswell. On the other side it’s good for teamplay to see what’s happening on the map. Let’s look how it works out and then decide if an adjustment is needed or not.

      • and sort up features in market for duration or ratio if possible(like in farm list).
        so it will be more easy searching the offered trade i want to take

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