Tournament Finals 2015 – all information + wild card raffle

We’re all eagerly awaiting the Tournament Finals. Now it’s official: It will be BIG! Players from more than 20 countries put their skills to the test on the qualification servers. Tense battles were fought, powerful alliances formed and great empires founded. Now we will enter the grand finale.
160 days in which just as much can happen.

Go to our Travian Tournament Page, enter your email address and take part in our wild card raffle. It’s important that you keep an eye on your email inbox afterwards, as that’s how we inform the winners of the wild cards about their good fortune. All codes you require to register for the Finals (be it wild card winners or already qualified players) will also come to you by email.

At the end of the Finals, amazing prizes await you, for example 4 tablets worth around 800 euros each.

We wish all wild card raffle and Finals participants the best of luck: May the best Travian win!

27 Comments on “Tournament Finals 2015 – all information + wild card raffle

    • Heyho Wop,

      gold prizes that you’ve won during the tournament qualification, will be sent out together with the registration codes, which will happen as soon as the Wildcard Raffle is finished.

      May this helps you 😉


  1. Hello,

    I’m qualified from the international server but didn’t get yet my code.

    I check all my emails and not found anything. Is it normal ?

    • Heyho Zied,

      the codes will be send out when the wildcard raffle ends. The raffle ends this week. So you must get your code in the course of the next week. Just check your emails regularly 😉

      MAy this helps you.


  2. Hi Anny!

    This made me very confused:

    “23. November 2015

    Hey Spartacus,

    we will have a total amount of 12.000 Wildcards 🙂


    The amount of wildcards have never been more then 1000-3000 as far as we know. We have 15K qualified. Around 30% will not start that makes 10500 players and you tell us you will allow 12K more to play?!? Why should we play qualification if whoever can get a wildcard?

    You must be aware of that a such high number of wildcards will mean that at least 10K of them will be multiaccounts and will unbalance the server since we all know that some countries is more prone to try for wildcards to use as multiaccounts then others.

    If I at the server start can see that it’s not a fair amount of players from each country I will recommend our players to delete in protest.



    • Heyho Safiren,

      there will be a fair amount of players from each country and of course it will be a fair final. We’ll keep a close eye on it, that the whole game will be a FAIR game.

      For the second question: actually the codes should work now. The pre-registration started yesterday. Maybe it didn’t work because it was too early at the beginning of the registration.

      I hope this will help you 😉


    • Hey Safiren,

      I’ve asked our Customer Service Team Manager. Actually they’re aware of it and fixing this issue.


  3. Hi Anny!

    We will see when Final starts then how many wildcards. I believe at the usual amount for a fair game ^^

    About registration problems: It was this night and I’m told it still don’t work for some. They will have to write support then.


  4. Hello Anny. We have new problems. Some players don’t get the activation code after registration. They have tried with the button for get a new mail and checked spambox.



  5. hello.
    belive safiren talked about me in last comment….can say that i looked in my mail a minute ago spam to..reg 23/11 still no activagion code

    • Heyho Dansken,

      I’ve asked our Customer Service Team Manager. Actually there are no issues about the activation codes. So it should work. Maybe it just takes a little time and you’ll get your code in the next days 🙂

      May this information helps you.


        • Heyho Safiren,

          I’m sorry about these problems, that you have. But all I can say is what our Manager said to me. At the moment, there are no issues. Actually he told me, that all codes were sent. Maybe you contact our in-game support:
          They can help you also.

          I’ll keep my fingers crossed, that you’ll get your codes 😉
          Maybe these informations will help you 🙂


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