The Rubble Feature

Hi Travian players,,

Today, we want to tell you something about our new “rubble” feature in Travian: Kingdoms.

“Rubble” is the name given to the debris on the construction fields when starting the game or after a building has been destroyed or torn down. By clicking on it, you can harvest it and gain some resources.

On the one hand, rubble is supposed to be an additional source of resources. In the beginning of the game you can simply collect the resources from the rubble. This gives you a bit more flexibility while building your village up and speeds up the beginning of the game. You also get a small amount of resources back when you demolish a building or when a building is destroyed.

In numbers, this means that you get 1/3 back from demolishing buildings and 1/10 for levels destroyed by catapults. This is supposed to give you a little help when reconstructing buildings and restructuring your village/city. On the other hand, it helps identify which building was destroyed on this field, providing you a better city/village overview.

Now you know the basic idea behind the “rubble”. We wish you a lot of fun trying this new feature out and hope you will like it as much as we do!

Rubble-Feature2 Rubble-Feature3

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