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The card game is one of the great new features in Travian: Kingdoms. You can win a range of valuable items and bonuses. There are two different playing modes: In the standard mode you can pick one of five covered cards; for the quadrupled price you can also pick four of five, whereas in this mode all cards are revealed before you make your selection. This option has the tendency to be more rewarding, since unwanted cards can easily be discarded.


The prizes range from premium feature vouchers, like the instant completion of construction orders, immediate arrival of a resource shipment or the use of the NPC merchant. If one such card is in your hero inventory, you can use the matching feature without using Gold. Besides that, the cards also hold countless upgrades for your hero’s equipment, Gold prizes, as well as resource and crop bonus packages. There are no blanks in the card game. Particularly valuable, however, is the card that allows you to add an additional building slot in a village.


Each day every player has one chance of playing the standard mode for free. This allows even players with little Gold to use premium features and items. The equipment upgrades also help to bridge the gap between the relatively weak items that are found at the start of a server or can be purchased in auctions and the more valuable items in the later stages of the game. Especially without the use of Gold, the latter items are hard to get your hands on in the game, due to the high prices in the Auction House.


Moreover, to guarantee sound balancing throughout the game world’s duration, the use of card game items is limited. For example, only one resource bonus can be used per day and only one additional adventure point generated. Equipment upgrades are only possible via the relevant bases, of which each item only has five. There can also only be a maximum of two additional building slots per village. This makes sure that no excessive game advantages can be purchased and that Travian: Kingdoms remains a strategy game determined by players’ decisions.

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  1. The first sentence,” if you love this”, nobody loves this. Its no fun what you guys started with the action house. Can you please get rid this? While your at it, remove the hero adventures and all the items. Get rid of the daily tasks and the question master. Keep travian clean and go back to the basic. You completely neglected the core values that made the game great! The whole start is ruined as well by an insane inflation of resources and you have failed to tackle this problem and updates like this don’t help. There’s no more fun at beginning, the game is fun if there’s a shortage of resources so farmig might be worth it. Now its simming and starting in the mid game.

    There has not been a single update focused on the game functionality itself since t3.6! beside the kingdom system but it’s not balanced, fix that first maybe? Please use your development time to make the game great again. Come with an update that makes the gameplay a little more complex, don’t do all these side stuff.

    Your shooting yourself in the foot.

    • i dont understand your fun “the game is fun if there’s a shortage of resources so farmig might be worth it”, are att inactive/unguard vill for resource that fun to you? not everyone has hightime online and not everyone has patience to do tedious work so much as you.
      i love how travian kingdom works, now i dont need to worry about res.
      now i just need to build troop without worry lack of resource, then attacking other vill for treasure, evade a counter att . and i think it much more fun than do tedious work like farming(i’m not masochist or robot who can online 24/7).

      • Heyho Remora,

        “the game is fun if there’s a shortage of resources so farmig might be worth it” that’s only what an other player was mentioning. If he likes this part about the game it’s ok. It’s his opinion. The Game is not about being online 24/7. You can also play it every now and then. I am playing it every now and then and it’s still fun for me.
        Thank you for your feedback.


        • sorry i take it too far, btw is there a way to buy gold via indomog?
          i’m from indonesia and dont have paypal so i cant buy gold, is there a way to buy gold without using paypal.

  2. Edit:my mistake at the start of T4 you created 2 new buildings. Not been a single game functionality update after that.

  3. A shortages of resources is indeed fun because the decisions you make have impact. Now they dont. Its like cheating, fun for a second yet boring after a minute.

    • Hey Tony,

      the cardgame will come online with the next worlds.

      May this information help you 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing the post. In fact, Travian card game s are one of the most powerful and popular strategy games in the world, where players can select any of the available characters at (Roman – Gaul – Teuton). When you purchase Travian Gold you will get various features like multiple building features enhance the production and attacking and defensive skills.

  5. Exactly how does the “building ground” card work? I used it and it did nothing. no other building slots became available on the selected village.

  6. I have 2 “Finish Cards” that finish any buildings or research. But it does not work for me, i have buildings queue and try’s to use a card and nothing happends.

  7. I just learned that u use the card at the building u want to build and the left handle, not using the card in the inventory 🙂

  8. It sounds good that additional features added in Travian it has powerful strategies.When you purchase Gold you will get various features like multiple building features enhance the production and attacking and defensive skills.Playing cards games are interesting and also refreshment.

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