Travian: Kingdoms is not a game for those short on time. It requires a lot of experience and patience to master. So far it hasn’t been possible to see whether a player has entered the world of Travian for the first time, or if they are indeed a battle-hardened veteran, who even managed to win a game round with their Wonder of the World.

Hence, for the first time in the history of Travian, we will introduce an overall high-score in form of prestige points. These points will stay with you forever and accumulate together with your experience and the time you invest in the game. The greatest amount of prestige is awarded at the end of a game round based on your rank in the “inhabitants”, “attacker”, “defender” and “alliance” rankings. You can also gain prestige by completing tasks every week and by achieving top 10 medals.


Here’s how the points are calculated in detail:

In each week 10 tasks can be completed. Each task brings you one point.


At the end of the week you will receive a report with the number of points collected.


At the end of the game round, based on your rank in the inhabitants, attacker, defender and alliance rankings, you receive a bonus on top.


Rang Bonus
1 100%
Top 1% 75%
Top 10% 50%
Top 25% 25%
Top 50% 10%

For each level of the Wonder of the World an additional point is awarded.

Right now there are nine different prestige levels, indicated by the different stars.

We are still looking for a special reward for players with 1,000+ prestige. Of course we look forward to your ideas in the comments!

Test this brand new feature already on our public test game world! Choose “International” in your lobby account and create a new avatar on the game world “Test”.

14 Comments on “Prestige

  1. Will these points accumulate and carry on from server to server? If so, does it follow the e-mail, or any other system?

    I think those weekly tasks displayed are too easy, it takes close to no effort to complete all 10 every week, I suggest upping some of them a bit, so that you get a few, but not guaranteed to get all each week unless effort is made.

    Rewards should obviously be starting gold, as it gives no unfair advantage over others. Possibly esthetical rewards such as ribbons or different portraits.

    • Heyho Kokosbolle,

      yes, the points will be accumulated for all your avatars on all game worlds in your lobby account.
      Thanks for your feedback – we will forward this to our Game design department!

      Hope this helps you 🙂


    • Heyho Hajnex,

      you can try this feature already on our public Test game world. Choose “International” in your lobby account and create a new avatar on the game world “Test”.

      Hope this helps you 😉


  2. So… I’m trying to figure out how/why you think this game is a success… Despite any real game changes, Travian Legends still has MANY more players per server than TK does. You guys should consider scrapping TK and put all that time and energy into a massive ad campaign (and a high end mobile app) to get more people on TL.

    You’re trying to reinvent the wheel when the car has been cruising along for a decade…

  3. I must say I am truly flabbergasted that travian still does not have a phone app. I’ve been playing since 2006. I’m sure i’m not the first one to mention this. You want to reach more people go on the venues that people use.

    • Hi Vikky, for now prestige counts for single accounts only. We’re currently considering this issue though.

      Best regards,

  4. Hi, this message is in french, I would like someone to translate it if you need it, thanks.


    Est ce que les points de prestige déjà accumulés sur les serveurs sera comptabilisé ou les points de prestige ne s’accumuleront que à partir de la maj ?

    Si la réponse est favorable a l’accumulation des points de prestige déjà obtenus non officiellement durant notre temps de jeu (qui pour certains se compte en années) qu’en est-il des parrainages, allons-nous obtenir des pièces d’or de ceux qui ont déjà obtenu les 1000 points ou devront-ils les refarmer ?

  5. Hi, this is an amazing idea. Will be there an insignia for each completed server round? I think it could show the year, the server name and the main rankings (pop, attack, def, hero). It would be a good memento for the past results.

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